What is Google DFP and How to Setup on Your Site?

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DFP i.e DoubleClick for Publishers is a Free comprehensive ad server from Google through which you can sell your ad space available on your website.DoubleClick for Publishers(dfp)

DFP Small Business offers a complete toolkit for managing and growing both directly and indirectly sold advertising including streamlined trafficking, advanced forecasting and reporting, integrated revenue optimization, and direct access to the world’s largest pool of advertisers.

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With DFP, you will:

  • Differentiate your inventory with advanced targeting capabilities and the ability to traffic a variety of rich media campaigns with ease.
  • Save staff time and reduce costs with simple and efficient trafficking workflow and an intuitive interface.
  • Make better decisions with comprehensive forecasting and decision-support tools.
  • Improve campaign performance and client satisfaction with detailed and actionable reporting.
  • Enjoy responsive, world-class service organization that boasts industry-leading reliability, 24/7/365 support, and flexible APIs for seamless integration.

Do I need an AdSense account to sign up for DFP Small Business?

Yes, you must have an AdSense account to sign up for DFP Small Business. However, you aren’t required to run AdSense on your site in order to use DFP Small Business.

Benefits of using Google AdSense in DFP Small Business.

If you are using AdSense for your ads unit then you can maximize your website revenue by showing  ads that interest your users.You can also Access the largest network of online advertisers.

How to Setup DFP on your Site.

Step 1: Go to Google DFP and sign in using you Google AdSense Account.

Step 2: Go to DFP –> Inventory –> Ad Units –> New Ad Unit, and create an ad unit with some name and description so you can easily identify ad unit contents.Setup DFP new ad unit

Step 3: Define Placement of your ad unit.

Through Placement, one or more ad units where an advertiser’s ad can be displayed if they want to place ads on more than one unit.

Dfp ad unit placement
Place ment of ad units

Step 4: Create an Order

To run a new ad campaign through DFP Small Business, you’ll first need to create a new order. After creating the order, you’ll need to create line items, add creatives, and approve the order before it can serve.

You can create an order in two ways:

  • By running an inventory forecast
  • Manually

Here I’m explaining for Manually.

Go to DFP –> Orders –> New Order. Provide a company name and fill order detail under “new line item.”Set your requirements like Type of ads,Start time,End time,Value CPM etc.

New order and line item in dfp

Step 5: Upload the Ad Creative

After creating an order go to DFP –> Orders –>Line Items and select the “Line Item” to upload your creative ads in the form of image or flash.Upload the Ad Creative

Step 6 :Get Ad tags or codes for your site

This last step as we are almost over.To get your Ad Tags Go to DFP –> Inventory –> Generate Tags.Copy your Codes and paste it in your site.

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