Which is Best Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

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Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Chrome VS Mozilla Firefox

Chrome has developed in leaps and bounds and is now the most preferred internet browser than Mozilla Firefox. Chrome comes with many colorful themes, useful extensions and important plugins. The browser started out in the market with an aim to become at least popular as Firefox but it seems that very soon Chrome will be the most used browser in the world. But there are some loyalists who still use Firefox albeit they too have admitted that Chrome is indeed better that what Mozilla offers. We will focus on why Chrome is favored by many and by us when it comes to internet browsers.

Startup time & Speed

Chrome starts faster. You can note the appreciable difference between Firefox and Chrome during cold boot. Firefox is making a valiant effort to improve but it seems that Chrome is ahead of all browsers when it comes to startup time. Firefox started off as a better option to IE as it was more efficient but when it comes to speed and smoothness it lacks behind Chrome. Again the user interface of Chrome has many animations which make the experience a unique much better. Firefox has introduced many things to make the UI similar to Chrome but the latter still comes out on top.


Chrome is often regarded as a memory hungry internet browser. But it should be remembered that an increase in the browser extensions will always increases the memory it will use on different processes. Chrome uses very little memory during the idle state unlike Firefox which is a champion in memory hogging.


Firefox was always popular for its innumerable add-ons. But things are changing a little bit as new versions of Firefox are getting released every six weeks. The developers are unable to keep pace with the many changes and as a result the numbers of add-ons are dropping drastically. There are still hundreds of add-ons but in reality the majority of those don’t work at all. Chrome on the other hand has extensions which work much better due to the updates. No patching is also required to get the add-ons working with the latest versions of chrome. Most importantly, in Chrome the add-ons work just as you install while a restart is required in Firefox.


Chrome will create new processes for each tab and hence each tab is isolated from the rest of the processes. Chrome, is thus, more stable than Firefox which will open a new tab in the same process.

Better updates

There is a similarity between Firefox and Internet Explorer. Both offers updates every few months. On the other hand, Chrome is on the rapid release schedule and hence releases a new version every two weeks. The framework of the browser is built differently to support the rapid updates. However, Firefox have also entered the schedule but since it did not start with it there have been many hiccups. The updates to the software have not been very smooth and it has been a bumpy ride for the once popular browser.

Firefox is an age-old web browser but Chrome has some unique features that will enable it to replace the Firefox as the #1 browser in the coming years.

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