Don’t Write Boring Blog Posts

Boring blog Post

In the world of blogging, the main challenge is to come up with an article that will capture the interest and the attention of the other people. This is the sole objective of bloggers. By means of capturing the attention of the other people, this will increase the placement of their blog which will make them become popular in the internet. One good indicator if your site is attractive is increase in its views or traffic. Aside from that, so many comments also indicate that the site is drawing the attention of online browsers. There are some tips that you have to remember so that you will not come up with a boring blog posts.

Add life to your Blog Post

Avoid making articles wherein there are no stories present. Most of the time, online blog readers are looking some blogs which comes with intertwined story. Believe it or not, this provides life to the blog. With the right use of story, this makes blogging real and it will make your blog stand out among the rest. Unfortunately, there are still some blogs out there wherein it comes with no evident story. This makes these kinds of posts a lot boring and with low life. So the next time that you will make your blog, consider adding story so that it will not seem so much boring to your readers.

Spice Up Your Blog Post

Once you are choosing the topic for your site, it is important that you will pick the most attention seeking one. This does not mean to be highly technical but as long as this could captivate the attention of your readers, then it will be okay. You can make some researches in the possible topics trending in the whole World Wide Web. By seeking for this kind of topic, you can easily get the attention of the other people and they will eventually read your blog. As they scan the information you included in your blog, they will not get bored seriously.

Write blog post with Passion

In order to make your blog interesting, it is important that you will add passion to it. If you are the type of person engaging in the field of blogging and have passion in what you are doing, it will eventually pass through your writing. It does not mean that you will create somehow like a college thesis. But rather, this must be executed with your heart and soul. You will notice that when you have the heart and soul to what you are writing, you can easily come up with an article which is not boring to read.

Blogging with Proper Research and Planning

Definitely, you must not write boring blog posts if you are planning to enter in blogging. This is a very fulfilling endeavor wherein you have the chance to express yourself and at the same time relay information to the other people. In addition to that, blogging will also provide you with the opportunity to generate high amounts of profits in the future. It is important to take your time and do your best research so that you can come up with no boring posts for your blog.


Don’t Write Boring Blog Posts as you may loose your valuable readers. Try to spice up your blog post with Lists, Images, Videos, Power Point Presentation, graphs, etc. Add life and creativity to your blog post and see the result.

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Why Bloggers Should Always Focus on Improving Their Writing

There are a lot of things we bloggers can do to make ourselves better bloggers and to make our blog successful but the sad thing about that is people keep on emphasizing the importance of marketing and writing quality content but very few people actually talk about the importance of improving your writing.

 Why Bloggers Should Always Focus on Improving Their WritingFocus on Improving Your Writing Skill [ Image Credit ]

As bloggers we have a constant job of communicating with our readers and we can only have the largest impact when we learn to communicate effectively. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to write that next blog post, you’re trying to do that affiliate review or you’re trying to recommend your own personal products, your communication skills is important and this article will be giving you a few reasons why you should focus on improving your writing skills as a blogger.

It Helps You Communicate Better

The number one reason why you should focus on improving your writing skills is that it leads to you being a better communicator. Sometimes some little things we write on our blog can have a long-term impact, not because we’re writing them because we mean harm for others but because people are misunderstanding our message.

The number one skill every blogger needs is better communication skills and for that you need to learn to write better. For example as bloggers we send email to other top bloggers regularly, we receive and respond to emails from our readers regularly and we spend a lot more time doing a lot of things that require us to write.

The more time you spend trying to improve your writing, the better your communication skills become and the easier it becomes for you to succeed.

It is a Potential for Income

Another reason why it is very important for you to work hard on improving your writing is that it is a great potential for income. There are many ways to make money writing online these days and those with the best writing skills have an advantage over others. Another reason why improving your writing skills as a blogger makes it extremely easy to make money is that you are able to effectively communicate which action your readers should take. If you want them to buy your product you need to learn to communicate it to them effectively, and being a better writer makes that extremely easy.

It Provides Easy Opportunity for Promotion

The final reason on this list why every blogger needs to focus on becoming a better writer is that it provides opportunity for promotion. No matter how great your blog is you need promotion to make it successful and almost every form of promotion today requires you to write constantly.

If you want traffic to your blog you will often have to write guest posts, comment on other blogs, pitch other bloggers and even be active on forums. While being a perfect writer isn’t a must when doing these things, being a better writer gives you an advantage over the majority of people doing the same thing.

About Author:
Onibalusi is a 17 year old writer, entrepreneur and blogger. He is also the founder of where he teaches people how to write. He also provides people with regular writing tips on his blog.

100+ Ultimate Blogging Resource.

Here I’m providing 100+ most wanted blogging resource for power blogging.

100+ Ultimate Blogging Resource.

blog resource
blog resource

To Register Domain:

  3. Networksolutions

Top Hosting:

  1. Hostgator
  2. Dreamhost
  3. Linode
  4. Bluehost

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  1. Huge discount on Dreamhost and Hostgator.
  2. How to sart a website or a blog?
  3. 10 Facts regarding blogs.
  4. Software Used By Top 20 Blogs.

Blog softwares or CMS:

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger or Blogsopt
  3. Typepad
  4. Squarespace
  5. LiveJournal
  6. Windows Live Spaces
  7. Bigadda

Blog Writing Tools:

  1. Window Live Writer
  2. BlogJet
  3. Scribefire
  4. Ecto
  5. Ms Word

Image Resources:

  1. Google Images
  2. Flicker
  3. Photobucket
  4. Stock.xchng (

Photo Editing:

  1. Picnik
  2. Gimp
  3. Paint
  4. Photoshop
  5. IrfanView

Blog Themes:

  1. Thesis Themes
  2. Woo Themes
  3. Gorilla Themes
  4. Elegant Themes
  5. Theme Forest
  6. Theme Junkie
  7. Genesis Theme

Blog Monetization:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Google Affiliate
  3. Amazon Associates
  4. Chitka
  5. Buysellsads
  6. Adbrite
  7. BlogsAds
  8. Linkshare
  9. Commision Junction
  10. Adify
  11. Clicksor
  12. Technorati Media
  13. Infolinks
  14. Kontera

Web Statistics:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Alexa
  3. AWStats
  4. SiteMeter
  5. CrazyEgg
  6. Compete
  7. Quarkbase
  8. Feedburner

Blog Search Engine:

  1. Google Blog Search
  2. Technorati
  3. Bloghub
  4. Yahoo Search Blog
  5. Blogs

Free Seo Tools:

  1. Rank tracker from SEOmoz.
  2. Backlink Checker from Iwebtool.
  3. Check Broken links with Xenu.
  4. SEO for Firefox by SEOBOOK.
  5. Keyword density by
  6. Check Visual Page rank by Iwebtool.
  7. Check your blog load time by pingdom.
  8. Seoquake is a powerful SEO tool for Mozilla Firefox.
  9. Reciprocal Link Checker by webconfs.
  10. Check domain age by this tool from Seologs.

Tools for power blogging:

  1. Audacity :  An Audio editor software.
  2. Snagit :Capture ScreenShot but you can use snipping tool in windows 7.
  3. Jotform :Create Online Form easily Based on WYSIWYG.
  4. :Select randomly
  5. PollDaddy: Survey software used to reate polls.
  6. Google Alerts : Get email updates of the latest relevant Google results.
  7. Filezilla : A Ftp software for uploading files.
  8. Coffeecup or Dreamweaver for editing file locally.
  9. Auto Copy :Select text and it’s automatically copied to the clipboard. Like Linux or mIRC.)
  10. Afterthedeadline : After the Deadline is a language checker for the web with Contextual Spell Checking, Advanced Style Checking, Intelligent Grammar Checking.

Sharing Tools:

  1. AddThis
  2. ShareThis
  3. AddtoAny
  4. Google Toolbar

News Resources:

  1. Google News
  2. Yahoo News
  3. CNN
  4. New York Times
  5. Washington Post
  6. BBC News

Website I Follow:

  1. Digital Inspiration
  2. Shoutmeloud
  3. Problogger
  4. Life Hacker
  5. Techcrunch
  6. Mashable
  7. How To Geek

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Software or CMS used for Top 20 blogs.

The top blogs as ranked by Technorati use a mixture between third party software such as WordPress and that developed and maintained primarily by internal developers and programmers, such as the system used by Gizmodo.So which software or Cms is used by worlds top 20 Blogs.

Software or CMS Used for Top 20 blogs According to Wikipedia.

Software used for top 20 blogs


10 Facts about Blogs.

Here i’m sharing 10 Facts about Blogs.

Ø  What are “Blogs”?

A “Blog”- shorthand term that means “Web log”—is an online, chronological collection of personal information, commentary and links Easy to create and use from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Blogs are a form of Internet publishing that has become an established communications tool.


According to Wikipedia

A blog (or weblog) is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.

Generally a blogs tend to have a few things in common:

  • A main content area with articles listed chronologically, newest on top.
  • Often, the articles are organized into categories.
  • An archive of older articles.
  • A way for people to leave comments about the articles.
  • A list of links to other related sites, sometimes called a “blogroll”.
  • One or more “Feeds” like RSS, Atom or RDF files.

Ø  History of Blog.

The term “weblog” was coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997. The short form, “blog,” was coined by Peter Merholz.

Ø  Where Did Blogs Come From?

Before blogging became popular, digital communities took many forms, including Usenet, commercial online services such as GEnie, BiX and the early CompuServe, e-mail lists and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).

Some early bloggers, such as The Misanthropic Bitch, who began in 1997, actually referred to their online presence as a zine, before the term blog entered common usage.

Ø  Why is Blogging Helpful to Businesses or Individuals?

Blogs are proliferating at an exponential rate. Estimates suggest as many as 50 million people are now blogging. Because blogs are easy to create and modify, they occupy a unique niche in cyberspace—that of highly personalized discussion forums that foster communities of interest. Webmasters struggling to keep fresh, attractive content on their websites to lure visitors back have found blogs the answer. Blogs are not only trendy but also beneficial to businesses, it’s important to understand how they can be used to your advantage.

Ø  Types Blogs.

There are many different types of blogs, differing not only in the type of content, but also in the way that content is delivered or written.

o   Personal blogs

o   Corporate and organizational blogs

o   By genre

o   By media type

o   By device(moblog)

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Ø  Defamation or liability of Blogs.

Several cases have been brought before the national courts against bloggers concerning issues of defamation or liability. U.S. payouts related to blogging totaled $17.4 million by 2009.

In 2009, a controversial and landmark decision by The Hon. Mr. Justice Eady refused to grant an order to protect the anonymity of Richard Horton.

In 2009, NDTV issued a legal notice to Indian blogger Chetan Kunte for “abusive free speech” regarding a blog post criticizing their coverage of the Mumbai attacks. The blogger unconditionally withdrew his post, replacing it with legal undertaking and an admission that his post had been “defamatory and untrue” which resulted in several Indian bloggers criticizing NDTV for trying to silence critics.

Ø  Why Blog is it significant?

Because blogs engage people in knowledge sharing, reflection, and debate, they often attract a large and dedicated readership. Blogs are becoming an important component of the Internet landscape, providing authors and readers with an avenue for unedited expression, reaction, and connection, without the censorship of mediated chat rooms or formal media outlets.

Ø  The Difference between a Blog and CMS?

Software that provides a method of managing your website is commonly called a CMS or “Content Management System”. Many blogging software programs are considered a specific type of CMS. They provide the features required to create and maintain a blog, and can make publishing on the internet as simple as writing an article, giving it a title, and organizing it under (one or more) categories. While some CMS programs offer vast and sophisticated features, a basic blogging tool provides an interface where you can work in an easy and, to some degree, intuitive manner while it handles the logistics involved in making your composition presentable and publicly available. In other words, you get to focus on what you want to write, and the blogging tool takes care of the rest of the site management.

Ø  How Blogs Work?

A blog can be thought of as an online journal, and maintaining a blog is as simple as using an online e-mail program. Bloggers enter posts into a blogging application, add formatting or hyperlinks, and save the post. The application adds the entry to the blog, making the content available online and alerting users who have subscribed to that blog’s content. Entries can include text, hyperlinks, images, or multimedia.

Ø  List of Blog software. (also called blogging software or blogware)

o   WordPress

o   Typepad

o   Squarespace

o   LiveJournal

o   Blogger

o   BlogHarbor

o   Xanga

o   Open Salon

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Comments are always appreciated!!