Three Gadgets for SEO Professionals

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a web marketing technique that helps websites ranked higher than the other sites by the search engines. It is very important for your website to get listed on the top as only the top listed websites are considered as more relevant when compared to those on the last. SEO helps your website get noticed by the search engines. Each search engine has its own website ranking criteria. The SEO studies all the different criteria so that your website is top listed in almost every search engine.

Three Gadgets for SEO Professionals

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How Does an SEO Work?

An SEO studies the several activities of search engines. These activities are named as Crawling, Indexing, Processing, Calculating Relevancy and Retrieving. It also studies the limitations of the search engines. SEO helps optimize the pages to help the already efficient search engine index and classify the pages to get high rankings.

While searching for results the search engines calculate relevancy of the millions of pages using various algorithms to know keyword density or links. Each search engine considers a few of the various algorithms. So each engine shows a different list. It also changes the algorithms periodically. SEO devotes more efforts on studying this aspect of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc and help the websites keep updating the content.

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Three of the SEO Professionals’ Gadgets are:

1)  Similar Page Checker

You have a website with content on a particular subject. There could be websites on the Internet with similar content. Even the pages in your own website can carry similar content. This generally happens with the pages of dynamic product catalog. Similar Page Checker tool checks the percentage of similarity of content in different websites and in your own website. It also recognizes the paragraphs and lines that can be changed to minimize the similarity.

2)  Search Engine Spider Simulator

Not being humans, the search engines are only text driven. Those are not intelligent enough to feel the creatively and beautifully designed websites and notice the movements and sounds. The java scripts, flash movies, frames, password-protected pages and directories go unnoticed.  By running the Spider Simulator the users can know if the spider can view all these features. This tool simulates a search engine which displays the flash-based content, java script, images, sound and movie files that are get unnoticed by the search engine because of its limitations. The hyperlinks are also displayed by the Search Engine Spider Simulator. The search engine followed the hyperlinks.

3)  Backlink Builder

One of the most important factors that help your website ranked higher is the presence of quality backlinks. This is given a top consideration in Search Engine Optimization. The tool called Backlink Builder creates potential backlinks with the websites with the same theme as yours. It also searches for “Add link” or “Add site” or “Add URL” or “Add article” or “Submit URL”, etc., or in multiple combinations of these key phrases of the specified websites.

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Why Bloggers Should Always Focus on Improving Their Writing

There are a lot of things we bloggers can do to make ourselves better bloggers and to make our blog successful but the sad thing about that is people keep on emphasizing the importance of marketing and writing quality content but very few people actually talk about the importance of improving your writing.

 Why Bloggers Should Always Focus on Improving Their WritingFocus on Improving Your Writing Skill [ Image Credit ]

As bloggers we have a constant job of communicating with our readers and we can only have the largest impact when we learn to communicate effectively. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to write that next blog post, you’re trying to do that affiliate review or you’re trying to recommend your own personal products, your communication skills is important and this article will be giving you a few reasons why you should focus on improving your writing skills as a blogger.

It Helps You Communicate Better

The number one reason why you should focus on improving your writing skills is that it leads to you being a better communicator. Sometimes some little things we write on our blog can have a long-term impact, not because we’re writing them because we mean harm for others but because people are misunderstanding our message.

The number one skill every blogger needs is better communication skills and for that you need to learn to write better. For example as bloggers we send email to other top bloggers regularly, we receive and respond to emails from our readers regularly and we spend a lot more time doing a lot of things that require us to write.

The more time you spend trying to improve your writing, the better your communication skills become and the easier it becomes for you to succeed.

It is a Potential for Income

Another reason why it is very important for you to work hard on improving your writing is that it is a great potential for income. There are many ways to make money writing online these days and those with the best writing skills have an advantage over others. Another reason why improving your writing skills as a blogger makes it extremely easy to make money is that you are able to effectively communicate which action your readers should take. If you want them to buy your product you need to learn to communicate it to them effectively, and being a better writer makes that extremely easy.

It Provides Easy Opportunity for Promotion

The final reason on this list why every blogger needs to focus on becoming a better writer is that it provides opportunity for promotion. No matter how great your blog is you need promotion to make it successful and almost every form of promotion today requires you to write constantly.

If you want traffic to your blog you will often have to write guest posts, comment on other blogs, pitch other bloggers and even be active on forums. While being a perfect writer isn’t a must when doing these things, being a better writer gives you an advantage over the majority of people doing the same thing.

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Tips for Printing Wirelessly With The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Printing With The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

As more and more companies begin innovating the mobile marketplace with tablets, means to connect your every day life to your tablet become necessary. While most advertisements you see tout the WiFi and 3G connectivity of these devices, you rarely see mention of whether or not you can use a tablet to print documents. Thankfully you’re not left out in the cold as there are several ways you can employ to make sure you can get those web pages from your Tab’s screen to your printer wirelessly.

1. Using The Stock Application

By default, one of the reasons the Galaxy Tab trumps the iPad is its ability to wireless print natively. Your Tab should instantly recognize any printer you have set up on your network and then print the documents that you’ve specified, but some people have trouble printing certain documents, or the documents come out wrong. This is why there are many printing apps available on the Android Market, since they contain document renderers that allow you to rearrange the document before you print it. This is especially useful when printing pages of a web page.

2. Printing Wirelessly

If you have a wireless printer available in your home that is already incorporated into your wireless network, then you need the PrinterShare app by Mobile Dynamix. The app itself is free to download, but to use the features of the app; you’ll need to pay $12.95. While this may seem expensive, it grants you unlimited wireless printing from any device it is installed on, including any smartphones you may have.

PrinterShare makes it easy to print documents from Gmail and Google Docs, but it can also handle printing random webpages that are printer friendly. Since you most likely don’t want any wires holding you down while you’re using your Galaxy Tab, this is the best option available. Mobile Dynamix recommends that you download the app and attempt to print a test page before you buy the premium key, since the free app does include a few prints so you can determine whether or not your printer is compatible with the device.

There are other apps on the market designed to do the same thing that PrinterShare does, but none of them are as widely rated and have as many printer compatibility options available as PrinterShare.

3. Configuring Your Network & Printing Advice

If you don’t have your printer set up wirelessly already, you’ll need to put it on your network. This usually involves associating the printer with a computer on the network so that it can piggyback Internet access, but if you purchased a printer with a WiFi modem, this step won’t be necessary.

If your printer is set up but you don’t see it among the list of devices available within the PrinterShare app, then it may not be compatible with the Galaxy Tab. In this case, you’ll either need to try a different app in order to print, or possibly purchase one of the printers that is compatible with the PrinterShare application.

If you’re having problems with the documents you’re printing not coming out the right size, or they look distorted, then you’ll need to use a document renderer in order to get the pages exactly as you want them. Most printing apps include this feature, since the stock interface for printing with the Galaxy Tabdoesn’t. Rendering the document differently than it appears on the web is great for web pages that don’t have a printer friendly version and print differently than how you expect according to the layout.

If all else fails and you can’t get a web page to print, try copying the text you want and pasting it into a document, arranged the way you want it. Since web pages sometimes have trouble rendering if all you’re wanting is the text, this can be the quickest solution to getting the pages you want without the hassle of re-rendering the entire document.

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