Simple Tricks to Convert Magnet links into Torrent Files

If you hate or don’t like Magnet links to download individual file from torrent site, then here I’m sharing few tricks to convert magnet links to torrent file.

Few days before pirate-bay has stopped serving torrent file which has seeds less than 10 and switched to magnet links. Magnet links are just a link which contain meta-data. This has been done to save space and reduce load on their server.

Magnet links into Torrent Files
Magnet links into Torrent Files

Why to Convert Magnet links into Torrent file

There are few reasons to hate magnet links and love .torrent files:

  1. They are slower than torrents file and take more time to fetch meta data.
  2. It is slightly difficult to download specific file via magnet links than torrent file.
  3. You cannot save magnet links to your computer as you can save torrent file for future downloading.

How to Convert Magnet Links into Torrent File

Method 1 : Use utorrent or Vuze ( previously called as azureus)

Download meta-data of any file by using magnet links. After downloading do as following:

For Vuze client:

Press Window+R  button from your keyboard and then type  this %appdata%\Azureus\torrents and then copy the torrent file that you wanted it.

Tip: Also if you delete file from vuze, then you can get torrent file in recycle bin.

For uTorrent client:

Open Run by pressing Windows+R button and then type this %appdata%\uTorrent\ and press enter to get torrent files.

Method 2 : Make use of Hash Info

You can copy hash of any individual file which you wanted to download and search it on to get your torrent files.

Method 3 : Use to convert magnet links is free website which converts magnet links into torrent file. You have to just paste magnet link and it will give you an option to download torrent file.

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How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook When Something Goes Wrong

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular Email programs in the world. However, like any computer program, there are plenty of things that can go wrong with it. Today, we’re going to show you how to easily troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook when any sort of error occurs.

Troubleshoot Outlook

Cannot send or receive emails in Microsoft Outlook

This is one of the most frequently occurring errors within Outlook, and it’s also one of the most frustrating. Since most people use Outlook solely to send or receive email, it’s important that you fix this issue as soon as possible.

This error frequently occurs due to problems with the PST or OST files. Together, these files contain most of your personal data on Outlook, including emails, contact information, calendar events, and more. If something goes wrong with either one of these files, then Outlook may prevent you from accessing or altering your data.

Fortunately, a number of tech support companies have developed solutions to this problem. One solution is to use a PST or OST splitter, which breaks down the data files into smaller chunks. Not only does this allow you to access your data again, but it may also make Outlook load faster.

Recover lost emails in Microsoft Outlook

Another common problem that Outlook users experience is lost emails. Sometimes, emails are lost because the user accidentally deleted them. Other times, emails can simply go missing, or fall through a crack within the system. Whether you use your email to handle your business or personal life, it’s important to recover these emails as quickly as possible.

Recover lost emails

How do you do that? Well, many of the same companies that designed PST and OST splitter programs also include an email recovery tool as part of their package. Fortunately, Outlook doesn’t always permanently delete emails, even if you have already deleted them completely from the Outlook interface. Recovering this data is a simple matter of accessing the OST or PST file and then restoring any emails that lay hidden inside.

It’s difficult for the average PC user to recover emails without relying on a third-party program, which is why so many companies have risen to meet this demand. While you will usually have to shell out some cash for the email recovery program, the usefulness of such tools cannot be underestimated.

2GB file size limit errors, 0x80040116, and similar problems

Sometimes, the error messages that Outlook sends out are vague and uninformative. If Outlook is displaying an error code (for example 0x80040116 )that has a long string of numbers in it, or mentions something about a file size limit, then you likely have a problem with your PST file.

As mentioned above, the PST file is a very important part of Outlook. However, the amount of data it can hold is limited to 2GB. This is designed to prevent slowdowns and crashes while Outlook starts up. If you have used Outlook on your PC for a while and have noticed that it is slowing down, then you could be approaching this 2GB limit.

So how do you troubleshoot this problem? Well, as mentioned above, you can use one of many PST splitters available on the internet. This circumvents the file size limit by breaking your PST file down into smaller parts. Or, if you would rather not spend a lot of money on fixing Outlook, then Microsoft offers a free tool called scanpst.exe that may be able to fix your problem. Unfortunately, the success rate of scanpst.exe is infamously low.

Fix Outlook Error

Even if you’re able to split your PST file down into smaller parts, it isn’t a very permanent solution. Instead, the best way to resolve this issue is to increase the size of your PST file. This can be done by changing entries in the Windows Registry. Here’s a step by step guide on how to do that:

For Outlook 2010 users:

  1. Go to Start->Run and type in regedit. This will take you to the Windows Registry.
  2. Navigate to the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\PST
  3. You should see several entries pop up in this folder. Find the one named “MaxFileSize” and right-click on it.
  4. The string of numbers in the ‘Value data’ box represents the file size limit (in bytes). Click ‘modify’ and type in the new file size limit. To make this step easier, you may want to simply double the first digit.
  5. Repeat this for the entries labelled WarnFileSize, MaxLargeFileSize, and WarnLargeFileSize.

For Outlook 2007 users:

  • For Step 2, navigate to this entry instead:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\PST

For Outlook 2003 users:

  • For Step 2, navigate to this entry instead: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\PST


Of course, if none of these suggestions solved your problem, then all hope is not lost. Search Google to find other people who have experienced your issue. Outlook has a vast user base, and there is a very good chance that somebody, somewhere in the world has experienced the same error as you.

If you still can’t find a way to solve your problem, ask your question on tech support forums, or email Microsoft for assistance. The internet is filled with such valuable resources, and thanks to modern technology, getting the solution you need has never been easier.

Author Bio: Michael Hanson
Outlook PST Repair is a website that focuses to solving user’s problems with Microsoft Outlook. Their expertise is in data recovery and troubleshooting Outlook errors and data corruption.

How to Access Banned Facebook in India

In India Facebook is blocked by few ISP from yesterday, so here are trick to access Facebook even it is blocked by your ISP or by colleges or any school.

Method to Access Blocked Facebook

Method 1

Flush your DNS and renew it.

  1. Open “Run” by Pressing windows+R button or from Stat menu.
  2. Type CMD and then press enter to open Command Prompt.
  3. Now you have to flush you DNS and renew it. SO type one by one following into command prompt.


Method 2

If it is still not accessed try this Method

Change your DNS to Open Dns or Google Public Dns

Configure your network to Open DNS.

Here is a step by Step guide to configuring your network setting  to use Google Public DNS

Method 3

Using Web Proxy

You can either use any Proxy website e.g.  to access Banned Facebook or configure your browser to use proxy.

For Firefox:

To configure your browser to use proxy go to setting > Advanced > Network >Setting >. Then enter proxy values to manual proxy setting or use automatic proxy configuration url. For more info read how to set up automatic proxy detection.


you can also follow same method to configure proxy setting in all other browser.

Method 4

Use Auto Hide IP software or Tor to change your IP and then access blocked Facebook or any website.

Method 5

The main website eas blocked by Indian ISP  but you can still access facebook by typing this URL in your browser or

Method 6

Editing Host file

  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  • Open the Hosts file to edit
  • Add these lines to the bottom:

Now refresh your browser and access Facebook.

Sources: Tek3d

Method 7

Browse Facebook using IP instead URl

If only url is blocked and not ip then you can access Facebook by it s dedicated IP address which is

Facebook is Banned in india

Facebook is blocked in India by Some ISP from 12 March,2012. It is shocking that now you can’t access to Facebook  if you live in India.

Facebook banned in india
Facebook banned in india

The banned was done due to postings of obscene and objectionable content in Facebook by Indians which is not acceptable by Indian politicians.

Update: Facebook was blocked due to some DNS changes.

Earlier also Delhi high court  has ordered Facebook and Google to censor content or they will censor Facebook and Google.

Some of the Indian ISP which blocked Facebook.

  • Mtnl
  • Bsnl
  • Tikona
  • Reliance
  • Airtel

This is really bad with Indians as few people are trying to take away our freedom of expression.

Update: There was some changes made to DNS by Indian ISP, so Facebook was blocked but it seems that it is now working properly.

Tip: If you are still unable to access  Facebook then do the following

  1. Open “Run” by Pressing windows+R button or from Stat menu.
  2. Type CMD and then press enter to open Command Prompt.
  3. Now you have to flush you DNS and renew it. SO type one by one following into command prompt.


Now you are able access to it.If not then restart your pc or change your DNS to open DNS or Google Public DNS.

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Logo Design: Four Ways to Keep Customer Perception in Mind

Logo-DesignCompany logos need to be taken very seriously. If your logo design is done well it can be more than just an impression of your company, it can be a worthwhile investment. This is because your logo is something that potential customers see long before they even make any contact with you.

So your logo has to connect with them right away and it has to pull them even closer to you. Here are the first steps of many to get and keep potential customers.

Four Ways to Keep Customer Perception in Mind while designing a Logo

  • You will want your logo design to make a good and lasting impression. It is the first peek that people get of your company personality. When people look at personalities they always feel more comfortable with personalities that they can identify with easily. Eventually, your customers should be able to see just your logo alone and recognize it right away. You will also want them to identify this logo with a respected product or service. Everything about your logo should scream that you are a reputable company.
  • In the mind of the customer, a lot of how they perceive your company will have to do with your logo design. Your logo can really be responsible for customers choosing your company over a company that offers identical products or services. The perception is in the mind if the buyer. Buyers need to feel confident in what you are offering. One way to initiate that confidence is with your logo. You have to be serious about what you are doing before anyone else is going to take you seriously.
  • Make your logo something different that stands out in the mind of the customer. Your logo should always say something about your niche and what you are selling. Very early on customers will start to recognize your logo and if your logo design is clever, it will be something they remember too.
  • The rules do change a bit for large and smaller companies when it comes to your logo. However, the concept stays the same. This is because bigger companies have more cash at their disposal than smaller companies do. Either way it is important, actually crucial, to never lose your identity when designing your logo.

Because your logo will actually become one of your most valued investments it is a good idea to leave the design to the professionals. They know what to do and how to make your logo effective so it will give you a nice ROI. The pros know what to do about color and size distortion. They are seasoned at slogans and tag lines. They also know how to make sure that your logo is always relevant and never outdated. They know the buying process inside and out.

This article was written by Cheryl Hinneburg, a freelance author writing about women’s interests and small business interests.  I am not connected in any way with Logo Mojo but will gladly vouch for them for high-class logo design.

Rediffmail Configuration in Microsoft Outlook Express

You can send and receive mails very easily by making use of the Outlook Express. This e-mail program involves the use of incoming e-mail server protocol, such as the POP, HTTP, and IMAP, in order to download electronic mails. Outlook Express also makes use of SMTP server protocol so as to process the outgoing mails. You can manage your e-mail messages more conveniently with the technologically advanced Outlook Express.

Benefits of Outlook Express:

  1. In the same screen you can view e-mails for your multiple e-mail accounts.
  2. Outlook Express makes it easy for you to manage all the documents, related to your business.
  3. Outlook Express allows downloading of the docs’ template.
  4. Outlook Express enables you to manage your contacts and e-mail messages by creating a new folder.
  5. With the help of outlook express, you will be able to find your lost contacts and e-mails, very easily.
  6. Outlook express ensures sending of digitally signed, secured, and encrypted e-mail messages.

    rediffmail outlook configuration
    Outlook with Rediffmail
  7. Outlook Express functions very much like a contact manager. It allows you to import contact from your existing contact list, and also help you to create new contacts.
  8. Managing newsgroups as well as sending e-mail messages to the members of the group, becomes easy with outlook express.
  9. As outlook express works well with different Microsoft applicants, it becomes quite easy on your part to format the work you have done. You can add attachments and perform spell-check so as to ensure flawless work.
  10. Outlook Express makes it possible for you to add a new mail account to your existing profile. You are not required to make any replacement in your current setting, so as to send or receive messages via Rediffmail.

 How will you configure Rediffmail in Microsoft Outlook Express?

  1. First and foremost you have to open Outlook Express, and select ‘account’ from the tools section in the menu bar.
  2. Next you have to choose the mail tab.
  3. Now you have to click on the ‘add’ button.
  4. As a fourth step you have to click on ‘mail’, which is present in the add menu.
  5. You will now find a box featuring ‘display name’. Here you need to type your own name. Once you have finished inserting your name, click on the ‘next’ button.
  6. In the rectangular space where it is written ‘e-mail address’, you need to feed your Rediffmail address.
  7. After making an entry of your e-mail address, you have to select POP3 in order to answer the particular question – ‘my incoming mail server is a…’
  8. You need to type ‘‘ in the incoming mail server box.
  9. You have to write ‘‘ in the SMTP server box, i.e. the outgoing mail server box.
  10. Then click on the next button.
  11. As a next step you need to insert your Rediffmail address in the given account name box.
  12. Then in the box, where you are required to write password, without fail insert your correct Rediffmail password.
  13. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of inserting your password every time you log in your Rediffmail account, you can select the box, where it is written ‘remember password’, by clicking on it.
  14. You need not check those boxes bearing the labels ‘log on using secure….’
  15. After you have completed with all the above-mentioned steps, you have to click on the ‘next’ button, and finally click on the ‘finish’ button.
  16. To check your mails in Outlook you have to click either on F5, or Send/Receive button.

With the help of Outlook Express you can send and receive bulk mails conveniently. It involves simple configuration procedures and consumes minimum amount of time.

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Future of Android Smartphones for Next 2-3 Years

When we talk about technologies that made a significant impact in 2011, we can say that Android was at the top among many. Although we experienced major changes, some are worth discussing. For instance, Google launched its movie streaming service by using Android technology. Other such technological innovations included Google Music and purchase of songs within the Android Market.

future of android Phones
Future Of Android

Android tablets started their journey in 2011 but it seems like it happened so many years ago. This was all about a year ago. However, it is just the beginning and Android technology has more to offer over the next two to three years. There are many Android surprises that we can expect for the upcoming years.

2012 will be the year filled with lots of new Android phones and tablets. According to their functionality, these devices will be targeted to high profile and tech-savvy consumer segments. Samsung new Galaxy III is a good example of Android phone. Other such upcoming Android phones and other future plan by different manufacturers are mentioned below:

Future of Android Smartphones with upcoming Android phones


The Tegra 3 based devices from Motorola will be launched in the second quarter of 2012. Previously, Motorola launched Motorola DROID RAZR and the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX. Now it will look forward to Motorola Jet and Motorola Bullet. The difference between both phones will be that the Jet will have a QWERTY slide, whereas the Bullet has a straight slate.

Future plans of Motorola reveal that it will focus on coming up with high-quality image sensors. They will target their Android phones to those consumers who love taking photos with a high-pixel camera. This can definitely mean that people will be more likely to keep aside their digital cameras once they buy Motorola Android phones. This is because these phones will enable you to capture awesome photos as well as videos in even low light.


Like its competitors, Sony managed to do well in terms of bringing good Android phones in the market. In 2011, one such phone that gave success to Sony was the Arc. Although it did not have the dual core feature, it still made it through the competition because it was slim and stylish, just like the phones offered by its competitors.

Sony has its core competence in its phones’ design. However, it does not match well with the thickness of its phones. That is why Sony looks forward to push its slim phones more in 2012. It has realized that Android phones are going to be on the top. It sees itself having an edge over others in the future. Therefore, it plans to take it seriously and positions itself in this category of smartphones in future.


Samsung is a Korean company that made Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus. It is a leader in designing and selling smartphones. Looking at its future plans, Samsung is making efforts in its semiconductor division on the next generation of Exynos.  Although Exynos 5250 has a dual core processor, it talks optimistically about it regarding the fact that Exynos 5250 will outperform its competitors with a quad-core processor in the coming years.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is also said to be the one that can set benchmarks in the smartphone category. Its details reveal that it will differ from the current Galaxy S series because both will have different designs. Additionally, it will be thinner than Galaxy S2. It will also include 3D functionality in the new collection of Samsung Android phones. Moreover, its features will include LTE connectivity, HD screen, 12 mega-pixel primary camera, 2 GB of RAM, NFC support, and many more.

It is expected that Samsung will launch Galaxy S3 in May 2012. Similarly, Android phone lovers are looking forward to the launch.


When we talk about LG and the growing Android market, we can analyze that LG is not going through many good times as compared to Samsung and other competitors. This is because we heard news that it offers slow updates and unreliable software almost all the time. However, the market share reveals something else, i.e. LG is still ranked as the top five.

LG cannot prefer to stand idle in the marketplace. Therefore, it will launch an Android device having quad core in the future.

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About Author:
The above article is composed and edited by Donna B. She is associated with many technology communities and including Broadband Expert as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to dongle, internet providers, mobile applications, etc.

Don’t Write Boring Blog Posts

Boring blog Post

In the world of blogging, the main challenge is to come up with an article that will capture the interest and the attention of the other people. This is the sole objective of bloggers. By means of capturing the attention of the other people, this will increase the placement of their blog which will make them become popular in the internet. One good indicator if your site is attractive is increase in its views or traffic. Aside from that, so many comments also indicate that the site is drawing the attention of online browsers. There are some tips that you have to remember so that you will not come up with a boring blog posts.

Add life to your Blog Post

Avoid making articles wherein there are no stories present. Most of the time, online blog readers are looking some blogs which comes with intertwined story. Believe it or not, this provides life to the blog. With the right use of story, this makes blogging real and it will make your blog stand out among the rest. Unfortunately, there are still some blogs out there wherein it comes with no evident story. This makes these kinds of posts a lot boring and with low life. So the next time that you will make your blog, consider adding story so that it will not seem so much boring to your readers.

Spice Up Your Blog Post

Once you are choosing the topic for your site, it is important that you will pick the most attention seeking one. This does not mean to be highly technical but as long as this could captivate the attention of your readers, then it will be okay. You can make some researches in the possible topics trending in the whole World Wide Web. By seeking for this kind of topic, you can easily get the attention of the other people and they will eventually read your blog. As they scan the information you included in your blog, they will not get bored seriously.

Write blog post with Passion

In order to make your blog interesting, it is important that you will add passion to it. If you are the type of person engaging in the field of blogging and have passion in what you are doing, it will eventually pass through your writing. It does not mean that you will create somehow like a college thesis. But rather, this must be executed with your heart and soul. You will notice that when you have the heart and soul to what you are writing, you can easily come up with an article which is not boring to read.

Blogging with Proper Research and Planning

Definitely, you must not write boring blog posts if you are planning to enter in blogging. This is a very fulfilling endeavor wherein you have the chance to express yourself and at the same time relay information to the other people. In addition to that, blogging will also provide you with the opportunity to generate high amounts of profits in the future. It is important to take your time and do your best research so that you can come up with no boring posts for your blog.


Don’t Write Boring Blog Posts as you may loose your valuable readers. Try to spice up your blog post with Lists, Images, Videos, Power Point Presentation, graphs, etc. Add life and creativity to your blog post and see the result.

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Enjoyed yourself? Broaden your thinking and read about new stuff. Read about the paranormal. That is always very exciting, if not downright scary. Read ouija board experiences. It is entertaining and scary at the same time.

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