HTC Surround vs Samsung Focus

HTC Surround and Samsung Focus are both premium Windows smart phones with windows 7 operating system for phones. Samsung Focus is lighter and slightly bigger out of the two phones. At first glance, both the phones look similar, except that the Samsung Focus is simply mesmerizing and too tempting to have.

HTC Surround vs Samsung Focus
HTC Surround vs Samsung Focus

The design of the Samsung Focus is such that the side of the phone is raised up to the level of the screen so even if your phone falls down, there is at least some protection available to it. At the same time this also and makes nice place for the dust to settle in. The Focus will need more care. All LCD or Amoled phones because of the super glassy and shiny screen show finger prints after a while and need cleaning. This of course is a no biggie for people who are constantly using their phones, in fact aren’t we all!

Screen and Tactile Response

The HTC Surround phone has a Non-AMOLED screen, and still manages to look good. That is, till you get the Samsung Focus out of the box. The Super-AMOLED screen steals the show. With the Super-AMOLED screen, the HTC black looks duskier than the Samsung Black. Although both phones use the same operating system, there is definitely a difference in the response to the touch. The Focus has been designed such that the need to double taps has been reduced. The response to single tap is also better with Focus, even with low battery.

The design of both phones is such that buttons on the side of the phone are well spaced and accidental touch will be fewer. The ones on the Surround are raised a little and are easier to use. In fact not only these buttons, the HTC has all buttons like the volume rocker more distinguishable.

Sound and Picture

HTC Surround has a better sound quality because of the better speakers, built right into the phone. These speakers will slide out and you will have stereo when you are watching a video, or a movie. This feature is very important when you are trying to replace your TV with the phone, but do we really do that? Also, HTC Surround and the Samsung Focus both come with a 5 megapixel camera, but only the HTC comes with a dual LED flash, compared to single LED flash on the Focus. This shows in the pictures you click.

Generally, the speakers will use up the battery faster; you will definitely need it if you use the slide out speaker often. Thankfully, with the HTC Surround, you won’t need to charge the batteries again and again. HTC Surround has a better battery life compared to the Samsung. The HTC scores if you are into sound (without the earphones), music and pictures.

All in All

There are other small differences with big impact. Voice dialing is a very useful feature; sadly it isn’t available in the HTC Surround. The phones are both good, and the choice you make should depend on the feature you care about the most. However, we give the thumbs up to the Samsung Focus.

This guest post has been authored by Prashant Sharma, who runs Price India blog.

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How To Skip Ads On YouTube

Nowadays, we are forced to suffer from the inconvenience of watching unwanted video ads on You Tube site when we wish to watch a particular video and this often irritates us. Viewers dislike this wastage of time and they get really discontented having to literally go through the video ads when they do not wish to do so.

block youtube ads
block youtube ads

Some videos offer a choice of rejecting or omitting the video ads once a part of it, usually about 5 seconds, has been played. However, there are certain videos which do not have this choice to skip the ads, causing dissatisfaction to the users, sometimes leading them to get eventually fed up of watching videos on You Tube. This is not appreciative.

I am now going to enlist 5 ways to skip the undesirable ads on You Tube so that the viewer can watch the video unhindered, not led by any ads. These ways will not only do away with your harassment but also will improve your video watching experience positively. So ads on You Tube can be avoided in following ways :

Ways to Skip the Ads on YouTube

Pressing F5 saves from the trouble

Video ads can also be avoided by pressing the F5 button. When the F5 key is pressed, the You Tube page showing the video is reloaded. This time, to the relief of the viewer, the video ad is automatically skipped, that is, it is not shown anymore and the desired video starts directly. It is, thus, by far the easiest way to solve the problem.

Option of Hiding the ads, provided by Google Chrome

Google Chrome has You Tube options to hide the video ads. In addition, the elucidations can also be hidden. This also helps in kicking off the trouble of undesirable video ads on You Tube. Thus hiding also proves fruitful in saving the users from the irritation of being forced to watch unwanted ads.

Best way is “Skip Ads on You Tube” option

Google Chrome has provided an extension named as “Skip ads on YouTube – No illegal block” on You Tube as a simple way out to help the viewers skip the video ads. This is available for free in Google Chrome’s designated web store from where it can be downloaded and installed.

On downloading this facility, a blue button is provided on the You Tube video panel. Viewers just have to click on this blue button when they want to skip the ad before watching their desired video. One problem with this solution is that this works only for You Tube site and not with any other website hoisted by a third-party. Still, this solution remains to be the best to handle this irritating problem.

TubeStop offered by Mozilla Firefox is another way out

Mozilla Firefox provides an extension called “TubeStop” with the help of which the video ads on You Tube can be blocked. TubeStop does not allow the videos to play automatically. This ensures that the user does not have to watch the video ads against his wish. TubeStop is thus a good way avoiding this problem.

YouTube AdsFree

Youtube AdsFree is a Opera Add-ons which help you to block ads on YouTube videos. Optionally it can remove branded banner under the video (like one on VEVO channels).

The above-mentioned methods can prove fruitful in sparing the viewers from the headache of watching video ads on YouTube. YouTube, in modern days, is the site of greatest preference by the people worldwide. We cannot allow the ads to come between the videos on YouTube and the viewers as YouTube helps us in almost all spheres of life. Thus, now, viewers can freely watch the YouTube videos by utilizing the above-mentioned techniques to do away with the tiresome video ads.

Ilya Elbert writes for several IT Services Portland and PC Repair Portland national service organizations.

4 iPhone Apps For Learning & Performing Yoga

How many of you want to be fit and how many of you actually turn on DVDs or any internet video to learn the proper practicing of yoga. Well if you really want to be fit and don’t want to waste money by buying DVDs or by hiring personal trainer for yoga practice then here 4 top iPhone apps for learning and performing yoga.

1. Office Harmony

officeharmony iphone app
officeharmony iphone app

Performing yoga help you to relieve the stress which you gain by working for longer hours, this app allows you to perform yoga in 6 different poses with the help of instructional videos and which you can easily perform during the office break. There are also 4 meditation techniques which help you to regain the strength of your brain. It’s a worthy app which you can buy in USD 1.99.

2. Yogaworkout

Yogaworkout iphone app
Yogaworkout iphone app

YogaWorkout is complete designed to help you plan and organize your workout in several flows. You can mix and match the various poses and also on the based of difficulty level you are being given photo instructions to perform the steps in proper way. This app for iPhone cost you USD 1.99 and believe me it is worthy to pay this small amount for your fitness.

3. Mindbody Yoga 3.0

Mindbody Yoga3.0 iphone app
Mindbody Yoga3.0 iphone app

It is another interesting app which helps you to find the yoga instructor near by you and to search for the affordable yoga classes in the search distance radius. You will be returned the list of available classes around your locality and can easily join the most affordable and best yoga classes as per your requirement. It’s a free app which you can download it from iTunes.

4. Yoga free

Yogafree iphone app
Yogafree iphone app

Yoga free is a free iPhone app which comes with 200 poses and yoga classes and it offers the quickest recipe to perform various yoga posses in easy steps. Each pose is embedded with voice notes and there is also options video in case you need to see how it is actually done. It’s a pretty user-friendly app and is quite easy to use on your iPhone.

So get yourself a personal trainer on your iPhone and become fit at affordable cost with these fabulous iPhone apps.

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This is a guest post by Amol Wagh, who writes about mobile prices & specs at his tech blog & he recently posted Samsung Galaxy SIII specifications.

Useful iPhone apps for your Business

The use of iPhone has been increasing all over the world the last 3 years, for both leisure and communication. However, there are also various applications that will help you manage your business using this famous device. People have expanded the use of iPhone from a mere mobile phone to various other functions and it is now time to explore its importance and usefulness when it comes to everyday business; besides, business also requires cutting edge technology in order to thrive in what you do. You just need to explore the loads of available applications online in order maximize its use to a multifunctional tool in the convenience of your palm, which will save you time and money.

 Useful iphone business apps
iPhone Business Apps

Various businessmen have already used iPhone in their business undertakings and it has been on the top in the JD Power’s Satisfaction Ranks for Business Smartphones. It has been my personal assistant since I started my Mixbook coupons blog. It is believed that the main reason successful businessmen use the Apple’s phone and other gadgets is that they are outstanding devices which connect them with the world in a unique manner, when they are constantly on the move. Nevertheless, here are the top useful apps I have figured out you could use for your business especially while you are on the go:

Top useful iPhone apps for your business


Zoho is a comprehensive suite of web-based applications that you can use for small business. Having Zoho in your iPhone literally allows you to bring your office wherever you go.

iPhone sync

iPhone sync allows you to connect it to your computer. You can also have your iPhone be supported by Microsoft Outlook, which can provide you email systems wherever you are.

Task applications

Although iPhone do not support any Task applications, it has its built-in create to do lists. The 43 Actions app also allows you to have updates on Twitter or your email to check who communicates with you.

43 Actions is an advanced organizer from  which you can create mobile to-do list. It’s designed specifically to let you manage your daily life on the go, using the always-on internet access in your iPhone.


Charts is a special application on your phone that you can use to create and manage your charts.


Do video calling, instant messaging, Group video calling  to any one from Skype for free. You can also have an online number for you business purpose.

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Keypoint is another app that you can use in viewing and sharing your presentations to other people. This is a great way for you to discuss things while you are on the go.

Mac Office 2008

This allows you to work on your documents while on the go. You can also export your slides in PowerPoint to your Smartphone using Mac Office 2008.

Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker

Shoeboxed is the easiest way to keep track of receipts and generate expense reports.


An iPhone version of Harvest allows you to enter your expenses and track your time. It also provides other applications.

  1. Taking notes
  2. When you want to take notes using your cell, you can use various apps such as RemoteNote, Evernote, GlueyNotes and Thumb Jot. You can also use the standard feature of iPhone in taking notes.
  3. Google Maps
  4. Google maps on your iPhone are a good way to get directions and assist you in traveling. This is especially useful when you are out of town or out of the country due to business conferences.
  5. Google Docs
  6. You can also have Google docs in your iPhone in order for you to access your documents wherever you are.
  7. WiFi Directory

You can also access WiFi directory in your iPhone when you need the web especially when you are out of town. When traveling internationally, it can also provide you the WiFi spots in a certain country.

iPhone camera

The camera that comes in your iPhone is not just meant for you to capture your pictures. Like Mixbook and Pinnacle software. It can also be used to take shot of your stocks, receipts and others. You can also use your phone when in business meetings as long as recording is allowed.

Google news

Having Google news on your phone also allows you to have access on the latest business news even when you are away.
Aside from these, there are more iPhone applications that can help you in your business. So instead of buying a regular business phone, you can take advantage of iPhone and what it has to offer.

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“Alapatri is an avid technology writer who specializes in phone applications for entrepreneurs and occasionally writes for the VeryBestSoftware. He contributes with reviews for software and applications related to business services, like expense reporting systems, online printing, cloud file backup and web conferencing.”

Comparison of PDF with ePUB formats in Tablets

Pdf vs ePub

ePub is basically an abbreviation of electronic publication. It is mostly used in Tablets which is introduced by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). EPUB files have the extension “.epub”. In September 2007, it became an official standard of International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).  On the other hand PDF is basically a well-known Portable Document Format introduced by Adobe Systems in 1993. But both EPUB and PDF are considered as the most popular eBook formats. Let’s compare both the file formats.

PDF 101:

As, I have already mentioned above, PDF is basically a product of Adobe Systems. It is an open standard format of exchanging the documents. It was officially released in 2008. This format helps in the easy printing of the documents. There are many other cool features of PDF format like you can create, edit and convert PDF files.

ePUB 101:

ePUB is a free and open format for eBooks and other documents. It provides optional style sheets. It is based on XML and HTML.

Comparison based on different characteristics:

Popularity: The plug-ins, support tools, solutions of PDF are offered by 1800 vendors all over the globe. On the other hand ePUB is still new in the market.

Layout: When you created PDF file, the visual aspects of PDF such as images, tables etc retains their original layout whereas EPUB supports the reflowable content. You can easily optimize the ePUB file.

Versatility: In PDF, you can highlight the text, take notes, and annotate files etc, whereas ePUB does not support editing.

Accessibility: PDF offers such technologies, by the help of which information becomes more accessible to disable people. ePUB does not have such type of feature.

Security: PDF has some advanced security features which includes digital signatures. You can easily protect your eBooks password protected. On the other hand ePUB file also has DRM. But it is not a mandatory requirement.

Interactivity: You can easily bookmark the PDF files. You can also inset different links in them. By the help of PDF, you can also create interactive PDF files. On contrast, ePUB does not support interactivity.

So, these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of ePUB associated with their use. You cannot say that one format is better than the other. But both have their own significance.

Top 10 Things You Can Do with Skype

Uses of skype

Skype is basically a software application popular for video calling and instant message but you can do a lot with Skype.

Skype was created by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis in 2003, and now owned by Microsoft since 2011.

Skype has lots of features besides video calling and instant messaging service. You can use Skype not only as a communication tool but you can do lot more with Skype.

Uses of Skype

1. Free Video calling

You can do video calling i.e. talk face-to-face from Skype free of cost with any one on the world.

2. Instant Messaging (Chat)

You can also send text messages with Skype. No need to download or use any other messaging client for instant messaging.

3. Group Video Calling

With Skype you can also do group video calling either at home or work though not free. For group video calling at home you will need Skype Premium subscription and for business purpose you need Skype Manager.

4. Call forwarding

When you can’t attend your call through Skype you can forward it to your mobile phone or even landline with some charges. Using this feature of Skype you can never miss a call.

5. Online Number

You can owe an online number and when anybody calls it you can pick up on Skype wherever you are in the world. You also get voice-mail facility with this service.

6. Send File

With Skype you can send your important document, files of any size and share with your friends and colleagues.

7. Send SMS texts with Skype

Use Skype to send SMS texts to any mobile phones even in abroad.

8. Screen Sharing i.e. Remote desktop sharing

Share your screen with any one. You can simultaneously talk and share your screen with Skype

9. Connect with Facebook

You can view your Facebook newsfeed directly via Skype, chat with your Facebook friends and also do video calling. Also you can update your Facebook status, easily like or comment on friend’s status and call your Facebook landline or mobile directly for Skype.

10. Skype Wi-Fi

Get online at over 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots available worldwide and only pay for the time you’re online with Skype Credit.

More Features of Skype: