Logo Design: Four Ways to Keep Customer Perception in Mind

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Logo-DesignCompany logos need to be taken very seriously. If your logo design is done well it can be more than just an impression of your company, it can be a worthwhile investment. This is because your logo is something that potential customers see long before they even make any contact with you.

So your logo has to connect with them right away and it has to pull them even closer to you. Here are the first steps of many to get and keep potential customers.

Four Ways to Keep Customer Perception in Mind while designing a Logo

  • You will want your logo design to make a good and lasting impression. It is the first peek that people get of your company personality. When people look at personalities they always feel more comfortable with personalities that they can identify with easily. Eventually, your customers should be able to see just your logo alone and recognize it right away. You will also want them to identify this logo with a respected product or service. Everything about your logo should scream that you are a reputable company.
  • In the mind of the customer, a lot of how they perceive your company will have to do with your logo design. Your logo can really be responsible for customers choosing your company over a company that offers identical products or services. The perception is in the mind if the buyer. Buyers need to feel confident in what you are offering. One way to initiate that confidence is with your logo. You have to be serious about what you are doing before anyone else is going to take you seriously.
  • Make your logo something different that stands out in the mind of the customer. Your logo should always say something about your niche and what you are selling. Very early on customers will start to recognize your logo and if your logo design is clever, it will be something they remember too.
  • The rules do change a bit for large and smaller companies when it comes to your logo. However, the concept stays the same. This is because bigger companies have more cash at their disposal than smaller companies do. Either way it is important, actually crucial, to never lose your identity when designing your logo.

Because your logo will actually become one of your most valued investments it is a good idea to leave the design to the professionals. They know what to do and how to make your logo effective so it will give you a nice ROI. The pros know what to do about color and size distortion. They are seasoned at slogans and tag lines. They also know how to make sure that your logo is always relevant and never outdated. They know the buying process inside and out.

This article was written by Cheryl Hinneburg, a freelance author writing about women’s interests and small business interests.  I am not connected in any way with Logo Mojo but will gladly vouch for them for high-class logo design.

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