Activate Video Calling In Facebook Powered by Skype

To compete with Google’s new Social Networking Facebook  has launched Video Calling Facility powered by Skype.With this feature you can talk to your Facebook friends for free. If your friends is not available then you can leave video message or them.

How Facebook Video Calling  Works ?

Facebook video Calling is based on integration of Facebook and Skype and it works similar as normal Skype application. If both you and your friends have microphones and webcam then you can easily talk face to face with your friends. If you don’t have webcam then also you can at least do audio chat.You can also use chat and other feature while using Video Call.

How to Activate Facebook Video Calling ?

1) To activate this facility first Go to Facebook Video calling Page and then click on “Get started”.

Facebook Video Calling get started

2) After clicking Get Started you will able to see your online friends and it will ask you to select friend from whom you want to start video calling.

Select Friends in facebook for video call

3) After selecting your friend you can now click on Video call button in your Facebook chat   section.

Click Facbook video call button

4) Now Facebook will ask you to download a plugin to complete one time setup.

Set up video calling in Facebook

5) Now after clicking “Set Up” you have to download a plugin and install it on your computer.You will also get instruction to do that.

Set up video calling in Facebook, download software

6) Now you have to install Facebook Video plugin to start Video Calls.

Facebook video calling plugin

7) Once you have install Facebook Video Calling Plugin, you can see a do video and audio calling to any one of your friends by just clicking video call button present in your chat window bar.

calling friend in facebook through video call

Congratulations You have successfully activated Facebook Video Call and now you can Call to your Friends and do Live Video chat.

Facebook Video Calling Live

Here is an Official Video By Facebook on Facebook Video Calling Powered By Skype.

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