How to Access Banned Facebook in India

In India Facebook is blocked by few ISP from yesterday, so here are trick to access Facebook even it is blocked by your ISP or by colleges or any school.

Method to Access Blocked Facebook

Method 1

Flush your DNS and renew it.

  1. Open “Run” by Pressing windows+R button or from Stat menu.
  2. Type CMD and then press enter to open Command Prompt.
  3. Now you have to flush you DNS and renew it. SO type one by one following into command prompt.


Method 2

If it is still not accessed try this Method

Change your DNS to Open Dns or Google Public Dns

Configure your network to Open DNS.

Here is a step by Step guide to configuring your network setting  to use Google Public DNS

Method 3

Using Web Proxy

You can either use any Proxy website e.g.  to access Banned Facebook or configure your browser to use proxy.

For Firefox:

To configure your browser to use proxy go to setting > Advanced > Network >Setting >. Then enter proxy values to manual proxy setting or use automatic proxy configuration url. For more info read how to set up automatic proxy detection.


you can also follow same method to configure proxy setting in all other browser.

Method 4

Use Auto Hide IP software or Tor to change your IP and then access blocked Facebook or any website.

Method 5

The main website eas blocked by Indian ISP  but you can still access facebook by typing this URL in your browser or

Method 6

Editing Host file

  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  • Open the Hosts file to edit
  • Add these lines to the bottom:

Now refresh your browser and access Facebook.

Sources: Tek3d

Method 7

Browse Facebook using IP instead URl

If only url is blocked and not ip then you can access Facebook by it s dedicated IP address which is

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