4 iPhone Apps For Learning & Performing Yoga

How many of you want to be fit and how many of you actually turn on DVDs or any internet video to learn the proper practicing of yoga. Well if you really want to be fit and don’t want to waste money by buying DVDs or by hiring personal trainer for yoga practice then here 4 top iPhone apps for learning and performing yoga.

1. Office Harmony

officeharmony iphone app

officeharmony iphone app

Performing yoga help you to relieve the stress which you gain by working for longer hours, this app allows you to perform yoga in 6 different poses with the help of instructional videos and which you can easily perform during the office break. There are also 4 meditation techniques which help you to regain the strength of your brain. It’s a worthy app which you can buy in USD 1.99.

2. Yogaworkout

Yogaworkout iphone app

Yogaworkout iphone app

YogaWorkout is complete designed to help you plan and organize your workout in several flows. You can mix and match the various poses and also on the based of difficulty level you are being given photo instructions to perform the steps in proper way. This app for iPhone cost you USD 1.99 and believe me it is worthy to pay this small amount for your fitness.

3. Mindbody Yoga 3.0

Mindbody Yoga3.0 iphone app

Mindbody Yoga3.0 iphone app

It is another interesting app which helps you to find the yoga instructor near by you and to search for the affordable yoga classes in the search distance radius. You will be returned the list of available classes around your locality and can easily join the most affordable and best yoga classes as per your requirement. It’s a free app which you can download it from iTunes.

4. Yoga free

Yogafree iphone app

Yogafree iphone app

Yoga free is a free iPhone app which comes with 200 poses and yoga classes and it offers the quickest recipe to perform various yoga posses in easy steps. Each pose is embedded with voice notes and there is also options video in case you need to see how it is actually done. It’s a pretty user-friendly app and is quite easy to use on your iPhone.

So get yourself a personal trainer on your iPhone and become fit at affordable cost with these fabulous iPhone apps.

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