HTC Surround vs Samsung Focus

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HTC Surround and Samsung Focus are both premium Windows smart phones with windows 7 operating system for phones. Samsung Focus is lighter and slightly bigger out of the two phones. At first glance, both the phones look similar, except that the Samsung Focus is simply mesmerizing and too tempting to have.

HTC Surround vs Samsung Focus

HTC Surround vs Samsung Focus

The design of the Samsung Focus is such that the side of the phone is raised up to the level of the screen so even if your phone falls down, there is at least some protection available to it. At the same time this also and makes nice place for the dust to settle in. The Focus will need more care. All LCD or Amoled phones because of the super glassy and shiny screen show finger prints after a while and need cleaning. This of course is a no biggie for people who are constantly using their phones, in fact aren’t we all!

Screen and Tactile Response

The HTC Surround phone has a Non-AMOLED screen, and still manages to look good. That is, till you get the Samsung Focus out of the box. The Super-AMOLED screen steals the show. With the Super-AMOLED screen, the HTC black looks duskier than the Samsung Black. Although both phones use the same operating system, there is definitely a difference in the response to the touch. The Focus has been designed such that the need to double taps has been reduced. The response to single tap is also better with Focus, even with low battery.

The design of both phones is such that buttons on the side of the phone are well spaced and accidental touch will be fewer. The ones on the Surround are raised a little and are easier to use. In fact not only these buttons, the HTC has all buttons like the volume rocker more distinguishable.

Sound and Picture

HTC Surround has a better sound quality because of the better speakers, built right into the phone. These speakers will slide out and you will have stereo when you are watching a video, or a movie. This feature is very important when you are trying to replace your TV with the phone, but do we really do that? Also, HTC Surround and the Samsung Focus both come with a 5 megapixel camera, but only the HTC comes with a dual LED flash, compared to single LED flash on the Focus. This shows in the pictures you click.

Generally, the speakers will use up the battery faster; you will definitely need it if you use the slide out speaker often. Thankfully, with the HTC Surround, you won’t need to charge the batteries again and again. HTC Surround has a better battery life compared to the Samsung. The HTC scores if you are into sound (without the earphones), music and pictures.

All in All

There are other small differences with big impact. Voice dialing is a very useful feature; sadly it isn’t available in the HTC Surround. The phones are both good, and the choice you make should depend on the feature you care about the most. However, we give the thumbs up to the Samsung Focus.

This guest post has been authored by Prashant Sharma, who runs Price India blog.

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