10 Ways to earn from Google AdSense.

Ankit Kumar

is a young blogger from Mumbai,India who loves internet and blogging.He is a student and pursuing engineering.

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31 Responses

  1. vaibhavrocks007 says:

    Nice post man…….

  2. Deepanshu says:

    What a useful post :-) My domain is only 83 days old so i m gathering max info about adsense before i apply for it when i reach the 6 month mark ….thanks :-D

    • Ankit Kumar says:

      Welcome Deepanshu,I’m glad u liked the post.To get adsense approved u need not have to wait for 6 months.I got adsense approved in only 27 days.

  3. sanjeev tomar says:

    Yes me too got my a/c with in 30 days.

  4. Rajesh says:

    Good post, I am looking for it :)

  5. Deepanshu says:

    hi ankit.plz tell me about last method abt affliate :-)

    • Ankit Kumar says:

      If you have adsense approved then you can also apply for Google affiliate where you get paid whenever there is any sale from your site.Also it pays for 100 clicks.you can visit here for sign up.

  6. Prashant says:

    thanks for this awesome tip…

  7. Swamykant says:

    You can also earn by guest blogging @ adsense revenue sharing program.

  8. ashish says:

    My adsense for search is not working.. I mean I dont get paid anytine for that..??

  9. Nice post thanx for the grate info

  10. Very nice blog sir. You would have spent a lot of time to design and write the content. Keep blogging.

  11. kaz says:

    Lovely Post, it really helps

  12. Juan says:

    nice sharing

  13. Md. Azharul Islam Jijon says:

    It’s really workable who wants to enhance income by google adsense.

  14. Md. Azharul Islam Jijon says:

    It’s really workable who wants to enhance income by google adsense.

  15. heavensweb says:


  16. Javed mistari says:

    How much you earn from google adsense

  17. G.k. Roat says:

    It is very nice thing untill now i don’t tried but will try soon

  18. Roni Mmi says:

    thanks alot for your informative tips. well, i was getting good payment via adbrite. the adbrite is close. now i have to concentrate again on chitika and google adsense.

  19. Lester says:

    Hi ankit,

    I really like the infos you provided.

    This is the reason why I just bought a wordpress plugin that can mass upload 100?s of articles for a certain niche and the plugin automatically schedules each of my articles for posting according to my settings.

    My plan is to make 100-200 blogs for different niches in 3 months time and monetize all by using adsense and other ppc ads.

    Do you think I’ll be able to reach the $100,000 mark in 1 year with my plan?


  20. Ashis says:

    informative and useful post.Thanks for shearing.It will help me a lot for approving adsence.

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