Improve your AdSense Earning by Simple Tips and Tweaks

Ankit Kumar

is a young blogger from Mumbai,India who loves internet and blogging.He is a student and pursuing engineering.

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19 Responses

  1. Chint says:

    Thanks for all these tips! I should try some time.

  2. TechGopal says:

    really g8 tips & thanxx for A/B Split code & i will try it on my blog . I found Lisa’s video so useful . When I started my adsense my earning was just about 1-2$ per day but now it increasing speedily due to some minor changes in add placements . Many bloggers avoid to add link unit but in reality u can earn more than u r expectation . Nice Share :lol:

  3. Himanshu says:

    didn’t knew about the a/b splitting. thanks for sharing

  4. suraj says:

    i am confused about a custom channel and ads trageting this post clear my doubt thanks for sharing..

  5. Diabetic Desserts says:

    Great tips! I’m excited to try out targetable ads. I’ve been using adsense for almost two years and didn’t know about that! Also, thanks a bunch for the A/B switch code; I used to use something like that but I deleted the code and forgot how to do it. :grin:

  6. Nice tips bro… i have to try this on my site………

  7. Glad that I got landed at this post.. I am just wondering how to integrate DFP for one my blogs.. let me try your guide.. digging more into it..

  8. Very Nice .
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post!

  9. Ravi Shankar says:

    Awesome tips Ankit, i am currently using the section targetting thingy and its working great for me bringing targetted ads.

  10. Thanks for sharing the tip called A/B Testing this one is which ever heard definitely i will try this.

  11. hitgrove says:

    i wasn’t awared of so much of them.. thanks for sharing it… :razz:

  12. Hi, do you have a post on the High Paying Niches? That would be really awesome

  13. Hi, do you have a post on the High Paying Niches? That would be really awesome

  14. Gaurav Garg says:

    Really awesome tips 

  15. Really awesome tips 

  16. piyush says:

    awesome post
    thanks for sharing…..:)

  17. zack P.rno. says:

    Will blending your ad background with your content background get you kicked off AdSense for tricking their users into clicking? Blending isn’t specifically prohibited, but “unintentional” clicks are. One form of an unintentional click is when a user confuses content with an ad.

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