How to start a Website or a blog?

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Ever wondered how do some guys get paid to write articles for their own websites? And they also earn money by showing ads on their blogs. Some even make a living out of it. For example Amit Agarwal from digital inspiration or Harsh Agarwal from They earn thousands of dollar by just writing articles.

You can also earn money by making such blogs or website and writing regularly.

websiteGuess what, everyone can start a website or blog. Starting a blog or website is a not a hard job  and you can achieve it by following some steps. Before we get started into making website or blog you should know  following things.

Requirement to start a blog or website:

1. A Good Domain Name

To make a website you have to purchase a domain a name. According to Wikipedia domain name is A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet.

So how to choose a good domain name ?

A good domain name is short and easy to remember and write. Tld with .com is best but you can have .org or .in for country specific website. If your blog target is India then .in will be a good options. Avoid using of hyphen or dot or any special character. Register a cheap domain with Network-solutions or or They all are trusted and among top 10 registrar.

2. Web host and  Hosting

To launch a website or a blog you have to host your website files and images in a web host. You have four options for opting a host.

a)Blogspot [FREE]

b) [FREE]

c) Other Free hosting like zymic

c) Premium hosting  Hostgator is the best. [NOT FREE]

Note:- I would suggest you to opt for BlogSpot if you have less budget for your site,but it has some disadvantages though it is very good for newbie. WordPress also provide hosting services with a great cms for blogging. Free hosting is not recommended as they doesn’t provide 99% up time also the loading speed is very slow. They might remove your site anytime  without any reason.

Related: 100+ Ultimate Blogging Resource.

3. CMS i.e. content management system

To run any website or blog or e-store, it need a CMS . There are many CMS available according to the need. Here are some of the list of cms:-

a)WordPress best cms for blog

b)Durpal For website

c)joomla again for website

d) phpbb for forum

e)nopCommerce or zen cart both for e-store

4. The Niche or the topic

How to choose a good niche for your blog is a very important question. The key is research, research and more research. Some people have this business intuition, they just get ideas for niches based on their web experience and they start like ten or twenty commercial blogs at a time and in most of the cases 60% of them are successful. But if you are not one of these guys then you need to focus. If you are going to write your own content then the niche should be something you like or have knowledge about.  Most of the people are usually specialized in 5-20 niches. Start with one blog as it is a strenuous job to maintain them all in the beginning. And remember – the more competition there is in your niche, the harder you will reach good positions in the search engines but the more visitors you will get once you are there. It takes 6-7 months sometimes to get to the first page of Google and that is if you are working with a SEO professional.

5. Monetizing via Ads

What is your revenue source going to be? Want earn from your blog then google adsense is best.

  •    Ads
  •  Ads + Paid Content
  •   Affiliate marketing

And hire a SEO professional and write some unique optimized articles on your blog every single day or thrice a week. Once you are getting thousands of visitors which is fairly simple with SEO techniques then you need to monetize your website and make some handsome money.

It is that simple. You can create many of such website or blog and make money.

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