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Dohack First Monday Morning Roundup

Roundup of post is nothing but the collection of best post into a single post. It can be done either weekly or monthly depending about number of articles you are writing. It is a good way to expose and share your old post to new users.Roundup also help in search Engine Optimization as it helps in interlinking your post and helps in increasing number of page views.

Dohack First Giveaway: 5 Hello Bar Invites

We are proud to announce our First Giveaway and we are giving 5  Hello Bar Invites since I'm having only 5 invites.Hello Bar is a great new web toolbar for grabbing your visitor's attention.Hello Bar was created and developed by Digitaltelepathy. It is a notification bar that draws web users to an important call to action on your website.Contest Rule:Share This contest on Facebook and Twitter and drop your comment with shared links.Subscribe Our NewsLetter and don't forget to confirm your…

Dohack First Month Traffic Report.

Dohack is now more than a month old and here I’m publishing its first monthly traffic stats and report. Though I’m only sharing traffic reports for the month February as my blog was launched on 25th of January.I’m quite satisfied with the traffic as the blog is new and a month old. I got 717 Visit and 1,481 Pageviews and 77.86% New Visits for the month of February. My site bounce rate is 58.02% which is quite good and on an average a user spend 03.49 min in my blog.