Serve Your Own Ads with Google DFP for Double Benefit

DFP i.e DoubleClick for Publishers is a Free comprehensive ad server from Google through which you can sell your ad space available on your website.DoubleClick for Publishers(dfp)

But the main advantages of using Google DFP is that you can increase your AdSense income by increasing Average CPM. With DFP you can easily set a simple rule to show ads only of higher CPM for eg. 5$ and above. If CPM is lower than what you have set then it will not show any advertisement. But you can serve you own ads(in-house ads) in place of no advertisements.

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Thus you will have two Benefits of using Google DFP. One that is your earning will increase and second you can serve your own ads for your promoting your own content.

If you are regular visitors of Aka Digital Inspiration then you have seen Amit Agarwal showing in-house ads by google Dfp.Here are two In house ads by Labnol served by Google DFP.

In house ads by labnol

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How to serve your own ads with DFP ?

First you have to setup Google DFP on your site,Read this tutorial for DFP setup and then Set a CPM threshold limit that is 10-20% higher than your current CPM. Upload your ad Image or banner to serve your In-House ads.

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14 thoughts on “Serve Your Own Ads with Google DFP for Double Benefit”

  1. Will have to see how it works heard about it for the first time..

  2. Thanks for the info Ankit, I heard about Google DFP before but I never tried it.
    It sounds very good. Let me try this on my blog.

    • My Pleasure Rojish,I’m glad that you liked it.Google DFP is worth trying.Go for it and see the difference of using both AdSense and Google DFP together.

  3. Thank you for this post. Actually the concept of In-House-ads is new to me. 

  4. Really cool! I’ve been using DFP from a couple of months and the results are pretty good


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