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10 Best Android Games, Everything You Need to Know

Android is the best application device that anyone can have. Then, if you have it, you may want reliable and entertaining games to go with it. These games will not only help you to pass your time, but also they will keep you entertained. The games will certainly showcase your device’s graphic density.

Here I’m listing the best 10 Android games on the market. There is no need of explaining everything for you, try and download one by one on your android phone.

10. Shadowgun THD

Shadowgun THD
Shadowgun THD

You can find this game for your android on the Google play. All you have to do is to buy and download it. Majority of games for android are made in such a way that you will never see the act of war. However, don’t be sad because this game will enable you to have the thrill of fighting bad guys. In other words, this is a war game. The creators of this game are the same people who created gear of wars. Things that you should expect in this game are more actions, explosion actions, legions of different tough-enemies to fight against and different fighting tactics as you will wish.

This game has the best quality of graphics, meaning that you cannot differentiate water from the game to real water in your glass.

9. Grand theft auto 3

Grand theft auto 3
Grand theft auto 3

Many people have played this game even if it is ones on their PCs. Now imagine the excitement you got from playing this game. This game has been modified to be compatible with the android phone. Yes, now you do not need your computer to play this game. The best thing is that you can play and carry it anywhere you go through your android.

Using touch controls may be a difficult thing when controlling this game. However, one can use USB controller or a micro-USB adaptor to play this game.

8. The dark meadow: the pact

The dark meadow: the pact
The dark meadow: the pact

Do you believe in ghosts? Well, the aim of this game is to pray and kill deadly ghosts and other bad creatures. Therefore, can you survive the horror?

The game has physical twisted settings.

7. Dungeon defenders: the second wave

Dungeon defenders: the second wave
Dungeon defenders: the second wave

You can get this game for your android. For those who thing traditional tower defense is too easy, then I challenge you to try this game. The characters in this game have unreal-power. This means that they can do anything.

6. Samurai 2: vengeance THD

Samurai II: Vengeance THD
Samurai II: Vengeance THD

This game has been set; one to play on the streets of feudal Japan. As the leaves fall onto the blood stain, the action is something to be admired. This game only concentrates on the Japanese martial art of sword fighting. This game is the best to feast your eyes with and also put your reflexes to a serious test and work.

This game has been mad easy in both the controls and pulling off combos.

5. Galaxy on fire 2

Galaxy on Fire 2
Galaxy on Fire 2

Imagine fighting in space using space jets or ships. This game can be very enjoyable when you are playing it in a bus. The game has the best details of the planets, meteors and floating space debris.

Try it and see all the details given to this game.

4. Fruit ninja

Fruit ninja
Fruit ninja

You can buy this game for your android (Free version is also available). This game is the makes a person to test his flexibility as well as his ability to do calculations. The aim of the game is for you to slice the fruits into two. The more fruits you slice, the more points you get. However, when doing this, make sure that you avoid things like the bombs because you will lose points and also die when you slice them.

The juice from the fruits will make you want to play again and again.

3. Guerrilla bob

Guerrilla bob
Guerrilla bob

This game can be compared to Rambo’s missions or James bond type movies. Therefore, what should you expect in the game, bad guys, jam-packed action epic, slaughter and some tough nail bosses. Although the game is short, you will have the best experience playing this game.

Even though, the angry mob’s classic hasn’t been optimized for tegra 3, the game has added bloom, real-time lighting and hi-res textures.

2. Zen pinball

Zen pinball
Zen pinball

For those that do not like violent games, then this game is one of the best and it is compatible with the android phone.

The aim is to make sure the ball does not fall, and you will gain points by driving the ball through the obstacles.

1. Riptide GP

Riptide GP
Riptide GP

This game is nearly one year old; however, it is still the best game in sports. The game does not have violence. The aim of the game is to race across the water.

The game has made the racing a little difficult because the water bounces your jet like a water duck when taking a bath. One can also splash water across the screen.

I know this article has helped you to know all the game applications that you can find for android. Try one of these games and you will like it.

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