Future of Android Smartphones for Next 2-3 Years

When we talk about technologies that made a significant impact in 2011, we can say that Android was at the top among many. Although we experienced major changes, some are worth discussing. For instance, Google launched its movie streaming service by using Android technology. Other such technological innovations included Google Music and purchase of songs within the Android Market.

future of android Phones
Future Of Android

Android tablets started their journey in 2011 but it seems like it happened so many years ago. This was all about a year ago. However, it is just the beginning and Android technology has more to offer over the next two to three years. There are many Android surprises that we can expect for the upcoming years.

2012 will be the year filled with lots of new Android phones and tablets. According to their functionality, these devices will be targeted to high profile and tech-savvy consumer segments. Samsung new Galaxy III is a good example of Android phone. Other such upcoming Android phones and other future plan by different manufacturers are mentioned below:

Future of Android Smartphones with upcoming Android phones


The Tegra 3 based devices from Motorola will be launched in the second quarter of 2012. Previously, Motorola launched Motorola DROID RAZR and the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX. Now it will look forward to Motorola Jet and Motorola Bullet. The difference between both phones will be that the Jet will have a QWERTY slide, whereas the Bullet has a straight slate.

Future plans of Motorola reveal that it will focus on coming up with high-quality image sensors. They will target their Android phones to those consumers who love taking photos with a high-pixel camera. This can definitely mean that people will be more likely to keep aside their digital cameras once they buy Motorola Android phones. This is because these phones will enable you to capture awesome photos as well as videos in even low light.


Like its competitors, Sony managed to do well in terms of bringing good Android phones in the market. In 2011, one such phone that gave success to Sony was the Arc. Although it did not have the dual core feature, it still made it through the competition because it was slim and stylish, just like the phones offered by its competitors.

Sony has its core competence in its phones’ design. However, it does not match well with the thickness of its phones. That is why Sony looks forward to push its slim phones more in 2012. It has realized that Android phones are going to be on the top. It sees itself having an edge over others in the future. Therefore, it plans to take it seriously and positions itself in this category of smartphones in future.


Samsung is a Korean company that made Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus. It is a leader in designing and selling smartphones. Looking at its future plans, Samsung is making efforts in its semiconductor division on the next generation of Exynos.  Although Exynos 5250 has a dual core processor, it talks optimistically about it regarding the fact that Exynos 5250 will outperform its competitors with a quad-core processor in the coming years.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is also said to be the one that can set benchmarks in the smartphone category. Its details reveal that it will differ from the current Galaxy S series because both will have different designs. Additionally, it will be thinner than Galaxy S2. It will also include 3D functionality in the new collection of Samsung Android phones. Moreover, its features will include LTE connectivity, HD screen, 12 mega-pixel primary camera, 2 GB of RAM, NFC support, and many more.

It is expected that Samsung will launch Galaxy S3 in May 2012. Similarly, Android phone lovers are looking forward to the launch.


When we talk about LG and the growing Android market, we can analyze that LG is not going through many good times as compared to Samsung and other competitors. This is because we heard news that it offers slow updates and unreliable software almost all the time. However, the market share reveals something else, i.e. LG is still ranked as the top five.

LG cannot prefer to stand idle in the marketplace. Therefore, it will launch an Android device having quad core in the future.

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