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Dohack Monthly Traffic Report May 2011

Dohack traffic report
Dohack traffic report

Previously I had written Dohack First month traffic Report and now publishing Monthly Traffic Report for the month May 2011.

There is great improvement in traffic compare to previous month. This site is not affected by “Google Panda Algorithm“ as this time major traffic  i.e 42.83 % came from search engine.  Dohack is now 4 months old and getting more than 2500 page-views per month.

Site Traffic Stats

*Visit : 1,436

*Page Views:  2,943

*New Visits :  74.44%

*Bounce rate: 67.97%


Dohack monthly traffic report for may


Traffic source

This time Google (Organic) is in top for traffic source.

Dohack traffic source for the month may

Traffic Location

Most of the traffic came from India and United States. Total 1,436 Visit came from 82 Countries or Territories.

dohack website demographics


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Alexa Rank

Dohack is very close to cross 100k Alexa soon.Currently Dohack Alexa rank is  101,161.

Dohack alexa traffic report may 2011


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  1. RealTimeTricks says

    I too have getting the visits from Google Search means my site is also have not been affected by Panda. Anyways, you’re doing well.

  2. Dhruv Patel @ Tech Blog says

    Great Going :)

  3. Jay says

    Keep it up friend :)

  4. Money Blogger says

    good improvements.. But you can make it large,
    My website TekNoise is 3 months old and am getting 1000 visitors daily nw.. You can check my alexa info also.. My earning report is at BlogWithIn. All the best for your next month traffic. If you want any help then contact me..


    1. Ankit Kumar says

      Thanks for your kind suggestion.Please visit regularly for more updates :)

  5. Suraj @Smartfatblogger says

    Very nice.
    Thanks for sharing this article!

    1. Ankit Kumar says

      Welcome Suraj to Dohack,Keep visiting for more cool stuff. :)

  6. Rajesh @Tips and Tricks says

    Your traffic can be increase by doing SEO, so try it!

  7. cyberst0rm says

    Nice going. But there is a lot of SEO you can do to improve your traffic!
    Try the guide at seomoz for help.

    I’m currently leaning about advanced SEO. I have implemented some changes and have noticed a increase in traffic after two weeks (+250 more visitors a day so far and growing)

  8. MAHESH KUMAR says

    Hi Ankit
    I have a government jobs website for Indian and I am getting average 800visitors/day ( 1600 pageviews) in 40 days .
    However the domain is 4 months old but i started it on 5th june .

    1. Ankit Kumar says

      It’s Awesome that you got 800/day visitors for new website.But do check your theme that it doesn’t have Google analytics code twice as it will show different stats with increased values.

  9. Aamir says

    best of luck ankit!

  10. Harry@DailyTechTips says

    Good Going. You have a nice Blog.

  11. Abhishek says

    Good one Ankit, got to see your blog today.. Just work on SEO a bit and you will do wonders :)

    1. Ankit Kumar says

      Thanks for such a nice word.Keep visiting.

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