Welcome to Dohack.org,My first blog post

Welcome to Dohack.org


This is my first post for Dohack, another Technology Blog in the Web.

1 – Who I am?

My name is Ankit kumar 18 year old young blogger from Mumbai,India.

2 – Why I am blogging?

I blog as I love experimenting for new techniques and ideas, especially when it comes to technology and Social networking. I sometimes write because of the passion and results of these experiments.

3 – What I will be blogging about?

This site is dedicated to help other internet junkie for their needs related to the blogging tips, internet & technology, to be resourceful and share their own experiences of what they find useful for their software/hardware/internet needs.this website contain many articles, tips, tutorials .I use a lot of software, open source stuff, gadgets and web media which enables me to share my experience, resources and knowledge with you.

So tuned up and keep visiting.

_Ankit Kumar

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Dohack.org,My first blog post”

  1. way to go bro… :) cheers…!!

    m/..Curiosity is GOD..m/ always remember… :D


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