Create Banner for your Facebook Profile Page

If you have liked Facebook new Profile layout and wanted to upload a cool banner to create your Facebook Profile Page creative, then here is a cool website for you. is a free website which provide you to upload cool Banner for your profile page directly. You just have to select available Banners and allow Facebook to upload it to your profile.

You can also create your own banners for Facebook profile. See an example below.

Facebook bannersI have used my website Header for banner but you may choose your own image. Fbanner then slice your image into 5 smaller image in required sizes  and then it automatically upload it to your profile. You can also add your Name or arrows with text to customize your banner.

Fbanners provide you to select banners from various categories like “cool quotes” or “funny cartoons”. Best thing is that you can create your own banners free without any knowledge of Photoshop.

You can even create banner for your Facebook friends. Just create banner and select your desired friend, it will automatically tag your friends and hence it will be appeared on his profile page.

Here is live example of my profile. Share your views on this free tool by fbanners.

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