Facebook introduced the new Photo Viewer

Facebook introduced  the new Photo Viewer to everyone over the course of the next few weeks. Now, you can browse more photos faster without having to lose your place in Facebook.

The new viewer makes it simpler and faster to navigate photos. You can now view photos and even whole albums without even having to go to a new page. Instead, the photo opens in the center of your screen, and you close it when you’re done. There’s no need to go back and forth between pages or reload the page.

A Better Photo Viewer

Facebook introduced photo viewer

A new light box (the dark frame around your pictures) makes viewing photos a richer experience. We also rewrote all the code for the viewer from scratch, so paging through photos will be noticeably faster.

Easier Tagging and Uploading

Facebook  make it easier to tag photos. When people upload a set of photos, they are often of events like weddings and birthday parties where people are with the same group of friends and family. With their new uploader, you will be able to tag multiple photos in the same album all at once, as well as tag photos of the same person with a lot less effort.

facebook phot uploader

Lastly, they’ve completely rebuilt  photo uploader to be more stable and reliable. It now uses the latest Flash technology, so that your experience getting photos onto Facebook is an easy one—especially when you have lots of them.

Higher Resolution

Facebook will be rolling out support for print-quality, high-resolution photos. And unlike on many other online services, you don’t need any kind of premium or paid account.

They’re  increasing the size of the photos stored from 720 pixels to 2048 pixels on the largest edge, for an 8 times increase overall. I’m really excited to be launching this feature.

high resolution photo by facebook
Photo credit: Andrew Bosworth


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5 thoughts on “Facebook introduced the new Photo Viewer”

    • It has activated,I’m able to use it.You just need to click the photo and photo viewer will appear.

  1. How do u activate this thing?
    Also, i still haven’t got the new message thing!

    • Hey Dudstud you just need to click any facebook photo in your home.


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