Top 7 great examples of how to use Facebook Timelines

Facebook Timeline
Facebook Timeline

Facebook, today, is one of the most popular and talked about word in the world. Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild has become one of the most ubiquitous things in modern lifestyle of people throughout the world. Since its invention Facebook is growing strong and becoming more and more popular. Today, be it a political or social agenda or some business marketing gimmick, Facebook is considered to be the most useful platform for those. The Timeline feature of Facebook is a relatively new concept. With numerous plug-ins and various impressive applications the Timeline of Facebook is gradually becoming a very important tool. Although, the Timeline was optional for Facebook users at first, but now every user is assigned their own Timeline.

The uniqueness of Timeline:

The most impressive feature of the Timeline is that it stores all users’ updates and wall posts in chronological order. At the very right of your Timeline you would see the years since you joined Facebook are mentioned. Upon clicking on each year, you would be taken to that particular year specific Timeline. You would be able to see all the posts and status updates that you or your friends made on your wall in that particular year. Now this feature makes Facebook Timeline look like some sort of dairy perhaps. Some of the great examples of usage of Facebook Timelines are mentioned below.

The Cover Picture

The cover picture feature comprises a proper example of using the Timeline. An appropriate and suitable cover picture for your profile or page is one of the first things a visitor will look at. A simple yet attractive cover picture can encourage your visitor to explore your profile or page for more. Especially for business pages, a cover page should send the correct message to visitors who could be potential customers. The cover page, if synchronized with the entire profile, can incorporate some really good creative vibes for the page. Many brands and companies have opted to put posters for their events or competitions as their cover picture on Facebook Timeline. That is a positive way to use the cover picture facility as a competition poster is bound to make visitors search for more.

Pinning an important post

Normally, there are some status updates or posts that are more important than other general posts you make. Before the invention of Timeline there were no ways that one could highlight or emphasize those supposedly special posts or updates. But with the Timeline, one has the option of pinning the post so that it goes at the top of the Timeline. There is an ‘edit’ option, symbolized by the pencil icon, which lets you pin your status update or posts. Once pinned, a post will remain at the top of your Timeline for 7 days.

Last FM Scrobbler

Another great bit personalization that can be done on your Timeline is the plug-in for Scribbling through Last FM. This application allows you to post the song or music you are listening to. The post will be seen right on your friends and subscribers’ news feed. It also organises your preferences of songs and artists and shows that on the right side of your Timeline. The official pages of famous musicians and songwriters are using this feature of the Timeline to put their best works on the Timeline.

GetGlue plug-in

GetGlue is another fantastic application cum website for personalization. The TV-shows, movies or books you read or are currently reading can be shared with your friends and subscribers. You just simply ‘check in’ to those shows or movies, and the update gets automatically posted on your Timeline.

Events posting

There are certain events or milestones you might achieve and then you can share that on your Timeline. The beauty of milestones is that it takes the whole width of the Timeline. Things like ‘Graduation’, ‘Meeting someone special’ and some other occasions can be posted as milestones on your Timeline. Sportscenter of ESPN is using this feature with panache. They are creating a milestone for every championship won by any NFL team and then they post that on their official page’s Timeline.


This is another last FM or Getglue type application where you can share information and title about the books or literary works you are reading. Many bookshops’ pages can be seen to incorporate this feature into their Timeline.

Highlight a post

Sometimes, there are updates and posts that you want to expand so that it could take the whole width of Timeline. In those cases highlighting works perfectly. On the right corner of you status update you would see a ‘star’ mark which will make your subsequent posts highlighted.

So, these are seven various examples and ways to use one’s Facebook Timeline to its full utility and exposure.

Author Bio: This post is written by Brianne. She is blogger by profession. She is blogger by profession. These days she is promoting a urine collection device.

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