View How your Facebook Profile is Visible to Others.

Facebook no doubt is best social networking site with more than 500 million users worldwide. But when it come to security nothing is 100 % safe. Here I’m sharing tips to see how your profile is visible to others.View how your facebook profile is visible to others

There are two different layout seen to others according to your privacy setting, one for your friends and other is for strangers.

Update: Now you can view how your Facebook profile is visible to others directly from top of your profile page.

The settings you choose control which people and apps can see your information. You can share your information with friends, friends of friends or everyone . Or, if you prefer, you can customize your settings.

1) Login to Facebook and go to Privacy setting from drop down menu at top right.

privacy seting for Facebook

2) Click  customize setting.

Customize facebook privacy

3) Click preview button at top right to see how your profile looks on Facebook.

Preview your facebook profile

4) To preview how your profile appears to a specific person write his/her name in bar provided.

preview facebook

Tips:  Controlling How You Share

You can control your share from here in Facebook. It consist 4 section for controlling each and every thing you share in Facebook. You can visit here for more info.


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