Useful iPhone apps for your Business

The use of iPhone has been increasing all over the world the last 3 years, for both leisure and communication. However, there are also various applications that will help you manage your business using this famous device. People have expanded the use of iPhone from a mere mobile phone to various other functions and it is now time to explore its importance and usefulness when it comes to everyday business; besides, business also requires cutting edge technology in order to thrive in what you do. You just need to explore the loads of available applications online in order maximize its use to a multifunctional tool in the convenience of your palm, which will save you time and money.

 Useful iphone business apps
iPhone Business Apps

Various businessmen have already used iPhone in their business undertakings and it has been on the top in the JD Power’s Satisfaction Ranks for Business Smartphones. It has been my personal assistant since I started my Mixbook coupons blog. It is believed that the main reason successful businessmen use the Apple’s phone and other gadgets is that they are outstanding devices which connect them with the world in a unique manner, when they are constantly on the move. Nevertheless, here are the top useful apps I have figured out you could use for your business especially while you are on the go:

Top useful iPhone apps for your business


Zoho is a comprehensive suite of web-based applications that you can use for small business. Having Zoho in your iPhone literally allows you to bring your office wherever you go.

iPhone sync

iPhone sync allows you to connect it to your computer. You can also have your iPhone be supported by Microsoft Outlook, which can provide you email systems wherever you are.

Task applications

Although iPhone do not support any Task applications, it has its built-in create to do lists. The 43 Actions app also allows you to have updates on Twitter or your email to check who communicates with you.

43 Actions is an advanced organizer from  which you can create mobile to-do list. It’s designed specifically to let you manage your daily life on the go, using the always-on internet access in your iPhone.


Charts is a special application on your phone that you can use to create and manage your charts.


Do video calling, instant messaging, Group video calling  to any one from Skype for free. You can also have an online number for you business purpose.

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Keypoint is another app that you can use in viewing and sharing your presentations to other people. This is a great way for you to discuss things while you are on the go.

Mac Office 2008

This allows you to work on your documents while on the go. You can also export your slides in PowerPoint to your Smartphone using Mac Office 2008.

Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker

Shoeboxed is the easiest way to keep track of receipts and generate expense reports.


An iPhone version of Harvest allows you to enter your expenses and track your time. It also provides other applications.

  1. Taking notes
  2. When you want to take notes using your cell, you can use various apps such as RemoteNote, Evernote, GlueyNotes and Thumb Jot. You can also use the standard feature of iPhone in taking notes.
  3. Google Maps
  4. Google maps on your iPhone are a good way to get directions and assist you in traveling. This is especially useful when you are out of town or out of the country due to business conferences.
  5. Google Docs
  6. You can also have Google docs in your iPhone in order for you to access your documents wherever you are.
  7. WiFi Directory

You can also access WiFi directory in your iPhone when you need the web especially when you are out of town. When traveling internationally, it can also provide you the WiFi spots in a certain country.

iPhone camera

The camera that comes in your iPhone is not just meant for you to capture your pictures. Like Mixbook and Pinnacle software. It can also be used to take shot of your stocks, receipts and others. You can also use your phone when in business meetings as long as recording is allowed.

Google news

Having Google news on your phone also allows you to have access on the latest business news even when you are away.
Aside from these, there are more iPhone applications that can help you in your business. So instead of buying a regular business phone, you can take advantage of iPhone and what it has to offer.

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“Alapatri is an avid technology writer who specializes in phone applications for entrepreneurs and occasionally writes for the VeryBestSoftware. He contributes with reviews for software and applications related to business services, like expense reporting systems, online printing, cloud file backup and web conferencing.”

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  1. Thanks so much, Alapatri, for your review on these iphone apps. As a blogger myself I appreciate many smartphone applications, like Skype and iPhone sync, as well as some photo sharing apps.

  2. Thanks so much, Alapatri, for your review on these iphone apps. As a blogger myself I appreciate many smartphone applications, like Skype and iPhone sync, as well as some photo sharing apps.


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