Gift your wife a most expensive Diamond encrusted iPhone 4

Making your wife happy should be on top of your priority list and you need to show that rather than just saying it aloud. There are a zillion ways to make her feel special, but bear one thing in mind, with all the little expressions of love there must be something unique that will leave her shocked beyond words. There are many ways to go about it but I feel that best way to go about it presently is to gift your wife with the most expensive diamond encrusted iPhone 4. Here’s more on the idea.

iPhone 4 Diamond Queen edition

The handset has been aptly named as the Diamond Queen edition as it truly looks royal and is sure to make your wife feel the same. This handset is piece of art mingled with the latest technology. The design of the handset is the same of the standard iPhone4 just that there is a lot of bling that has been added to the body of the handset.

Diamonds encrusted in the iPhone 4

This version of the handset has diamonds encrusted in the rim of the handset and each diamond is a 7.8 carat diamond. There are three bands of these diamonds all along the rim of the handset. This is not all as there are diamonds that are encrusted in the apple logo that is present on the rear side of the handset as well.

Capacity of the handset

This is the 32 GB version of the handset and the part that I loved most about this handset is that it is a factory unlocked model, so it can be used anywhere in the world. This handset comes along with a special case that is made of Ostrich foot. I don’t think it can get any better than this, except that I wish there was some discount code on the handset like the discount code for Wewood or for that matter the diamonds USA discount code. But that’s just wishful thinking as there is no such deal available.

Price of the diamond encrusted iPhone 4

This diamond encrusted iPhone 4 has been priced at £18,995 and yes, it is worth every penny and the elation that your wife experiences when she opens her sparkling gift. Don’t forget to tell her that there are only 50 pieces of this little wonder available in the world and hers is one of them.

If you are in a mood to spend some more then get her some diamonds too and this time you can make use of the diamonds USA discount code or get her a Wewood watch with the help of the discount code for Wewood. Make sure that she gets to know that you got a good deal on the diamonds and that will make her happier. I believe that if you gift your wife the most expensive diamond encrusted iPhone 4, you are sure to become the most invaluable person in her life.

Alternative you can buy iPhone Diamond Skin Cover Case if you can’t afford diamond encrusted iPhone 4.

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