Top 5 best selling Smartphones in market for 2011

Smartphone, a mobile phone which apart from calling and texting enables to send email and can edit office documents as well. It is not a phone any more, if asked it has marked its position as a basic necessity of people in these times after food, cloth and shelter. Every company is launching its android products with exclusive features and they are selling it at competitive prices to make good deal out of it. Dell, Sony Ericson, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry, Google and Apple are playing hard to get in this race. In the year of 2011, some of the best-selling android mobile phones are as follows:

Top 5 best selling Smartphones 2011 in market

#1 Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

#2 Blackberry Bold 3G 9900

#3 Samsung Galaxy S2

#4 HTC Incredible S

#5 Nokia E7


Apple iPhone 4 is known for its stylish, slim and sleek body. Its IPS display technology and retina display makes it unique form other mobile phones. It has 16GB/32 gigabytes storage capacity within it. It also has 5 mega pixel high-resolution camera plus VGA front camera. Apart from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi facilities it also consists of 3G connectivity which is suitable for WCDMA network.


Blackberry was earlier popular in business class society only but now days everyone from school to college prefer blackberry to give a funky corporate look to their persona. Blackberry curve was more popular in crowd due to its cost-effective properties but soon Blackberry Bold series has failed all the records with their new 3G mobile smart phones. Fast internet, fast downloading and better connectivity are the three amazing features. Blackberry Bold 3G 9900 has 128 mega byte RAM and enough memory to save anything. Its comfortable keyboard style handset makes it more popular and different.


Samsung has recently launched its range of Galaxy range with Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace and S1, S2. These days Samsung Galaxy S2 is quite popular due to its android OS v2.3 software. This Rs. 28,000 mobile set is famous for its exclusive features and applications. It has 1 GB RAM and dual camera with 8 mega pixel high-resolution rear camera.


HTC incredible S has innovative and smart handset is far more different than that of other Smartphone. Its uni body designs, bullet and scratch proof covering, amazing mix match color schemes and brawny feel makes it desirable. It has all the facilities one is looking for from WiFi to 3G and incredible motion camera capability. Other HTC models including RHYME, SALSA, EXPLORER etc…are also making a good profit in the market but incredible S is considered the best-selling product for HTC Company in the year 2011.


Nokia always been in number one position is somehow lacking when it comes to android Smartphone. No doubt its better storage capacity, unique handset design and durability always makes it a good decision. Nokia E7 with rest of the E series is very popular among people these days due to its Symbian ^3 operating system for better service.

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