Improve your AdSense Earning by Simple Tips and Tweaks

Here are Some Simple but effective Tips and Tweaks which can improve your AdSense earning.increase adsense earning

#1 Using Google DFP

Google DFP (Double Click For Publisher) is a free comprehensive ad server from Google through which you can sell your ad space available on your website. Using DFP you can serve your own ads or promotions to promote your own content or services. But the main benefit is that you can maximize your earnings by integrating DFP with AdSense.

You can also set a rule to serve Google ads only if CPM is higher than what you have chosen. If the CPM is less, then it will show in-house ads instead of Google ads. Now to show Google ads in your site, Google has to compete with an external ads which leads to higher revenue . Refer this tutorial How To Setup Google DFP to use DFP in your site.

#2 A/B Split Testing

If you are not sure that which Ad format will perform better for your site, then you can do A/b split Testing suggested by AdSense Team. By A/B split testing you can rotate two ad units of different formats, showing each 50% of the time. In this way you can decide which ad unit is better performing for you.

For A/B Split Testing first you have to make two custom Channels, one for each ad unit.

Now place your ads codes between this Java Script.

<script type=”text/javascript”>
 var random_number = Math.random();
 if (random_number < .5){
 //your first ad unit code goes here
 } else {
 //your second ad unit code goes here
 <script type=”text/javascript”src=””></script>

Here you have to replace “//your first ad unit code goes here” with your ad code.

#3 Make Use of Channels

You can create custom channels for tracking your each and individual ad performance in your site and thus provide deeper level of analysis. Thus you can evaluate which ad unit or even site perform better and which locations will enable you to realize your maximum earning potential.

More on Custom AdSense Channels.

#4 Use Targetable Ads

AdWords Advertiser can advertise on your website by two ways.  First way is through contextual ads i.e. ads which are based on content of your website and second way is by Placement ads that you create through custom channels.

AdWords premium advertisers can target your website if you use targetable custom channels. As Premium advertiser pay more to Google that means you will earn more per click as  AdSense publishers.
Here is a great video by Lisa

#5 Make use of Section targeting.

By using Section Targeting you can suggest your main Keywords or content to Google, so they can show more relevant ads in your site. By doing so you are emphasizing your main content and instructing Google to leave rest of your website section like comment and sidebar etc for serving better contextual ads.

To use Section Targeting add following codes before your main content.

<!– google_ad_section_start –>

Then add following code after end of your main content

<!– google_ad_section_end –>

Read more…

#6  Competitive Ad Filter

You can filter competitive ads by blocking  low paying ads to earn more revenue from AdSense.  Although it is highly targeted to your content but there are chance of showing  low performing ads.

Learn more..

#7 Implement AdSense for Search

It is recommended that you use AdSense for search as it has two benefits. First your users don’t have to leave your site for search and second you can also earn from it.

#8 Make Blending Ads

There are more chances of clicking ads on your site if you have blending ads. So to create blending ads you can make background color of your ad same as your website’s background color. When you blend your ads with your site then user will think it is a part of your website and not an ad. In this way your CTR increases and also your website also looks good if it shows blending ads.

If you opting to show Links ads on your website then better make background color same as you navigation menu so as to increase CTR.

#9 Size Matters

If you want to earn more from AdSense then display big banners. Best recommended ad sizes are 336×280, 300×280, 160×600,728×90. Don’t shy to show your ads and always display ads near the top of your pages.

#10 High Paying Niches

Niche is also responsible of your earning from AdSense. If you have website of low paying Niche, then your earning will be also low. So do some research before writing and write content which belongs to highest paying niches. I suggest to use free Google Keyword tool for research.

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  1. really g8 tips & thanxx for A/B Split code & i will try it on my blog . I found Lisa’s video so useful . When I started my adsense my earning was just about 1-2$ per day but now it increasing speedily due to some minor changes in add placements . Many bloggers avoid to add link unit but in reality u can earn more than u r expectation . Nice Share :lol:

  2. i am confused about a custom channel and ads trageting this post clear my doubt thanks for sharing..

  3. Great tips! I’m excited to try out targetable ads. I’ve been using adsense for almost two years and didn’t know about that! Also, thanks a bunch for the A/B switch code; I used to use something like that but I deleted the code and forgot how to do it. :grin:

  4. Awesome tips Ankit, i am currently using the section targetting thingy and its working great for me bringing targetted ads.

  5. i wasn’t awared of so much of them.. thanks for sharing it… :razz:

  6. Will blending your ad background with your content background get you kicked off AdSense for tricking their users into clicking? Blending isn’t specifically prohibited, but “unintentional” clicks are. One form of an unintentional click is when a user confuses content with an ad.

  7. Great ways to increase adsense income. Google Adsense is the best advertising program and is the only source to make money from my blog. Thanks a lot for the awesome tips to increase adsense revenue. :)


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