Common Computer Problems and Easy fixes!


When users come across problems frequently in their computers, there are chances that they get frustrated and decide to buy a new computer. Of course it is easy to buy a computer, if you’re rich enough to do this. What if your pocket doesn’t allow you to buy one? You do not have to fret over the old computer, but you can try few tweaks to get it in the previous working state. Here are few of the tweaks for different sorts of problems.

Slow computer:

Slow PC is a common thing to happen, in an eventual course of time. This doesn’t mean that you have to go for a new system. You can try few things to make it work as before.

  • If you can see the slowdown of the performance after the installation of new programs, then uninstall those programs.
  • Cluttering of hard disk could be a problem. Run a disk defragmentation for organizing the files in your hard disk.
  • You can try cleaning the fan of your PC.
  • Install antivirus and scan your computer.

Blue screen of death:

Blue Screen Death is a rare happening, but once it happens, it is pretty irritating. Reasons could be many.

  • Recall if, you have installed any program or update lately. Many times, it is the reason of blue screen death and if that is the case, you should uninstall that particular program.
  • Are you sure that there is enough space in the hard disk partition? If there is not enough space in the primary partition of the hard disk, blue screen death may occur.
  • Another chance is that a virus attack in the Master Boot Record. Run an antivirus scan and recover the system of a virus attack.

Hal.dll error message:

‘Hal.dll is missing’ is a very common error message. Reasons could be many for its occurrence. Read on, to find few of the fixes.

  • Try restarting your PC. If it doesn’t work, then you can try out the other fixes.
  • Changing the boot order may also be a cause of this error message. Switch to the previous boot order.
  •  Use your Windows CD and restore the ‘hal.dll’ file from it.
  • If nothing seems to work, reinstall your operating system. This will definitely solve this issue.

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  1. Thanx man for some awesome tips. cleaning the fan of your PC for faster processing, its really working.

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