Simple Tricks to Convert Magnet links into Torrent Files

Magnet links have been introduced to replace torrent files, to reduce web-hosting server space and also to prevent any legal issue. Magnet links work same as a .torrent file, but now you cannot download torrent file from popular torrent website. Instead, you have to use magnet link which has all the information related to files which you are trying to download.

example of magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:c12fe1c06bba254a9dc9f519b335aa7c1367a88a&dn

More about magnet links.

Pirate-bay and many popular torrent website have stopped serving torrent file and switched to magnet links. Magnet links are just a link which contain meta-data. This has been done to save space and reduce load on their server.

If you hate or don’t like Magnet links to download individual file from torrent site, then here I’m sharing few tricks to convert magnet links to torrent file. You can manually download torrent file from magnet links, or you can extract torrent file from magnet URL. There are many reasons why you want to stick with torrent file rather magnet link. It all depends on personal preference. I like to download files from my collection of torrent files.

Magnet links into Torrent Files
Magnet links into Torrent Files

Why Convert Magnet links into Torrent file

Few reasons to hate magnet links and love .torrent files are as follows:

  1. Magnet links are slower than torrents file and sometimes take more to fetch metadata. Torrent file starts downloading automatically as it has all the information regarding file, hash info, and other data.
  2. It is slightly difficult to download specific file via magnet links than torrent file. Some browser even does not support magnet URL.
  3. You cannot save magnet links to your computer as you can save torrent file for future downloading.
  4. Not all torrent client supports magnet links, instead need torrent file for working. For example old utorrent software.
  5. You don’t need to go to torrent website to download files again in future.

So how to get .torrent file from magnet links? There are few methods you have to follow to download torrent file.

How to Convert Magnet Links into Torrent File

Method 1: Use Utorrent or Vuze ( previously called as azureus) torrent client

You can use your torrent client to get torrent files. Every magnet link contains some data, and it downloads all the data (including torrent file) of any file which you are trying to download. After downloading magnet link do as following:
For Vuze client:
Press Window+R button from your keyboard and then type this %appdata%Azureustorrents and then copy the torrent file that you wanted it.

Tip: Also if you delete file from Vuze or utorrent, then you can get torrent file in recycle bin.

For uTorrent client:

utorrent folder
Open Run by pressing Windows+R button and then type this %appdata%uTorrent and press enter to get torrent files.

Method 2: Make use of Hash Info

Every torrent files have hash info which is used to check files authenticity. You can copy hash of any individual file which you wanted to download and search it on various torrent caching website to get your torrent files.
for e.g. : Ubuntu OS torrent file cb84ccc10f296df72d6c40ba7a07c178a4323a14

Tip: you can make use hash info to check whether you are downloading copyrights product or not. Just visit torrenttags and add your hash info or upload torrent file to check and legal issue.

Method 3 : Use torrent file converter online to convert magnet links into torrent file

There are many websites which offer free service which converts magnet links into torrent file. You have to just paste magnet link, and it will give you an option to download torrent file.
for example and

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33 thoughts on “Simple Tricks to Convert Magnet links into Torrent Files”

  1. there’s another tixati torrent client.install it.Now open the utorrent and copy the magnet link of desired file. then open tixati. now go to file transfers tab click add.then a window opens up. now select ‘open magnet link tab’ and click tixati is downloading the same file.
              Then right click on the downloading torrent go to ‘meta info’ and then to ‘save torrent’ and click browse to the folder where it is saved.usually it is in documents under downloads folder.
              this is just another advantage is you dont need to use net connection one you have downloaded tixati. no problem having installed two torrent clients……

    • love you men, your idea woks well in my pc , thank you so much .. take care

  2. I tried to use the 2nd method (uTorrent), when I followed your instructions, it opened up the folder with settings, etc. but no torrent files, am I missing something?

  3. another way is to open utorrent>options>preference>directories>Location of .torrent file.

    browse the folder where you want to save the .torrent file. simple :)

  4. “”This has been done to save space and reduce load on their server.””

    That’s not true bro.

    In fact, getting the .torrent file from seeders every time is a waste of broadband and increases server load. The reason is to reduce legal liability by not hosting any copyrighted material, including the .torrent file on their servers, much like

    Anand, bangalore

    ps: and why can i only type in all caps? it’s like i’m shouting.

  5. I followed method 1, on my utorrent 3.2.1. I managed to get the torrent metafile, but if you start it on another utorrent client the trackers are now entirely missing.

    this is because utorrent keeps the tracker names separately, in the resume.dat file, and not in the torrent metafile it creates on the fly in %appdata%\uTorrent\.

    of course, you can manually copy the tracker names, create a new text file with those names in it, and if you need to reopen that torrent in another torrent client you can manually add the tracker names from your text file. mmh…, kinda cumbersome, ain’t it?

    otoh, method 3 ( works pretty well.

    any easy workaround to method 1 problem, any chance?

  6. On a further test, in utorrent, it all depends on whether your download starts from a magnetic link or a real torrent metafile.

    if from from a magnetic link , then the metafile in %appdata%\uTorrent will not contain the tracker names.

    if from from from a real torrent metafile then the metafile in %appdata%\uTorrent *will *contain the tracker names.

  7. You missed one more real good reason to hate magnets: they require a newer torrent client, which isn’t available for mac ppc (at least not a reliable one). downloading torrents was hard enough on mac before. thanks.

  8. Thanks, this guide worked for me. I’m using a nas drive torrent client that can’t use magnet links so was a pain. Magnet2torrent worked well and allowd me to copy the torrent URL so I could do it all from my playbook. Bookmarked

  9. to save a magnet, simply copy the url and create a shortcut then drag/open that with your torrent client

    ..sorry for caps, my keyboard is messed up

  10. Can you please show how to do that on Torch browser? This is the client that I’m using.
    Thanks man

  11. I’m not sure if the previous comment was censored because of list of domain names to blacklist in hosts file was in it… Hey guys, don’t use that magnet2torrent link – It’s probably that thing where they install a fake Adobe Flash update!

  12. I think title is worong, none of this “convert” something..I think you need connect with peers to get directory structure if you are using a magnet link

  13. Only method 1 worked for hash 23C8D51A1A3113114E69E959DD959045DE3416AA. Method 2 found torrents purportedly matching the hash, but not the correct one. Method 3 just attempted to find the corresponding torrent on Torcache, but it doesn’t exist there, which I already knew, or I wouldn’t have bothered with a magnet in the first place.

  14. Using torrent files are great when i want to transfer data. Why do most sites refuse torrent downloads?

  15. Junk. Why do you need such an an application or a website? You can just copy it right from the folder. That is where utorrent save the .torrent file when using magnet links,

  16. “…and then copy the torrent file that you wanted it.”

    What if you don’t have a copy of the .torrent file?

  17. for BitTorrent Client Location:-
    C:\Users\Pc Name\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent

  18. Another quick sure fire way using qbittorent is to load up your magnet link and in the popup w8 for the metadata to load then click the ‘Make Torrent’ button at the bottom of the popup.

    Eazy Peezy


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