Amit Agarwal :His Secrets to Blogging Success Revealed 4eva!

Well Amit Agarwal needs no formal Introduction, but I will introduce you with him. He is A Professional Blogger from Agra, India who quit his Job to become first Indian professional blogger. He is an Ex-IITian and previously worked with clients like ADP, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. His Blog Digital Inspiration gets more than million Page views per month from which he earn more than 6 figure amounts monthly. His success story has also published on the Official AdSense blog. He quit his job and started his website since 2004 on blogger, and then he switched to self hosted WordPress and used a custom domain Read more about him.Amit agawal from India

Why he is so different and wins the race in the field of blogging.

He is success because he is very different from all bloggers. His way of blogging is simply awesome and unique. His website content is very unique and valuable, which provide great knowledge and information.

His site design is very unique and classy. He makes use of special WordPress queries for his blog homepage.

But the main thing which matters is his dedication to blogging and hard work. Without dedication and hard work nothing will be achieved.

Through my experience and knowledge I felt following reasons for the great success of his blog, though I may be wrong.

#1 Content matters.

Content is KingWithout content you cannot expect anything. If you look at his blog carefully then you can find the frequency of blog posting and you may get surprise to know that he has written more than 6000 valuable articles for his website till date including his blogger website. You can visit his site’s sitemap to gather some more information. You should always write what others are searching. See his blog posting frequency below (Graph).

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 To get interesting content ideas you can make use twitter, Social media, Real time search, feed aggregator, News websites and most important your own findings and experiences.

#2 Create Evergreen content

Create evergreen content[Image cedit]

His all articles were written before proper research and keyword analysis but the most important thing is that his articles are evergreen and gets lots of traffic from search engines. He doesn’t write too much articles on tech news rather he write articles which is useful for others.

#3 Time Matters


To achieve million page-views and to earn six figures from your website it will take some time. Even Amit also started earning effectively from his blog after one year of blogging. Darren Rowse carried a research and found that most of the Top 100 Technorati blogs have an average age of 33.8 months i.e. approximately 3 years. Amit’s website is also among the Top 100 technology blogs which is the result of continuous blogging for 7 years. So don’t quit after starting your blog instead be Patience and Persistence on your work.

#4 His Presentation

Presntation [Image credit]

Not only he writes good articles but he also presents his articles in very unique and professional way.  He makes use of, Google docs, Power Point Presentation, PDF, graphs and self-made video in his articles to make it more creative and useful. Example articles in which Google docs, PPT, PDF, Video,Infographics and Graphs have been used.

#5 Neat layout and clean Design

Design of Labnol is very simple and professional. He uses custom theme which is made exclusively for his website. His website’s homepage has a special layout which is very unique and attractive. He uses WordPress queries which alter the default query that WordPress uses to display post.

#6. Less distraction

create Distraction less website

It is rightly said that First impression is last impression, so you should always make your blog less distractive and focuses on content. Placing to many ads and sharing buttons may lose your valuable readers.


Anyone can create website like Labnol if you create evergreen content, do proper research, promote your article effectively, do proper Search engine optimization and most important be patience.

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    • Mr Ankit, Good Morning, I am Raja Prakash Babu from Rajahmundry. Thank you for your blog especially for introduction of His excellency in Blogging, the Amith Agarwal. I was so inspired and of-course though I have not any qualification about blogging but also willing to continue as a blogger. I am expecting your co-operation in this field.

  1. Thanks bro for this nice information about Labnol. He’s a man of the people. Someone most bloggers are looking up to for encouragement. Thanks for this :)

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    Labnol is good model for all Bloggers

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  12. Key of success in blogging is just choose trendy (Whats happen today), Evergreen topics ( Top 10 iPhone apps), less competitive (Trace lost mobile in India) Posts. Nothing else.

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