Rediffmail Configuration in Microsoft Outlook Express

You can send and receive mails very easily by making use of the Outlook Express. This e-mail program involves the use of incoming e-mail server protocol, such as the POP, HTTP, and IMAP, in order to download electronic mails. Outlook Express also makes use of SMTP server protocol so as to process the outgoing mails. You can manage your e-mail messages more conveniently with the technologically advanced Outlook Express.

Benefits of Outlook Express:

  1. In the same screen you can view e-mails for your multiple e-mail accounts.
  2. Outlook Express makes it easy for you to manage all the documents, related to your business.
  3. Outlook Express allows downloading of the docs’ template.
  4. Outlook Express enables you to manage your contacts and e-mail messages by creating a new folder.
  5. With the help of outlook express, you will be able to find your lost contacts and e-mails, very easily.
  6. Outlook express ensures sending of digitally signed, secured, and encrypted e-mail messages.

    rediffmail outlook configuration
    Outlook with Rediffmail
  7. Outlook Express functions very much like a contact manager. It allows you to import contact from your existing contact list, and also help you to create new contacts.
  8. Managing newsgroups as well as sending e-mail messages to the members of the group, becomes easy with outlook express.
  9. As outlook express works well with different Microsoft applicants, it becomes quite easy on your part to format the work you have done. You can add attachments and perform spell-check so as to ensure flawless work.
  10. Outlook Express makes it possible for you to add a new mail account to your existing profile. You are not required to make any replacement in your current setting, so as to send or receive messages via Rediffmail.

 How will you configure Rediffmail in Microsoft Outlook Express?

  1. First and foremost you have to open Outlook Express, and select ‘account’ from the tools section in the menu bar.
  2. Next you have to choose the mail tab.
  3. Now you have to click on the ‘add’ button.
  4. As a fourth step you have to click on ‘mail’, which is present in the add menu.
  5. You will now find a box featuring ‘display name’. Here you need to type your own name. Once you have finished inserting your name, click on the ‘next’ button.
  6. In the rectangular space where it is written ‘e-mail address’, you need to feed your Rediffmail address.
  7. After making an entry of your e-mail address, you have to select POP3 in order to answer the particular question – ‘my incoming mail server is a…’
  8. You need to type ‘‘ in the incoming mail server box.
  9. You have to write ‘‘ in the SMTP server box, i.e. the outgoing mail server box.
  10. Then click on the next button.
  11. As a next step you need to insert your Rediffmail address in the given account name box.
  12. Then in the box, where you are required to write password, without fail insert your correct Rediffmail password.
  13. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of inserting your password every time you log in your Rediffmail account, you can select the box, where it is written ‘remember password’, by clicking on it.
  14. You need not check those boxes bearing the labels ‘log on using secure….’
  15. After you have completed with all the above-mentioned steps, you have to click on the ‘next’ button, and finally click on the ‘finish’ button.
  16. To check your mails in Outlook you have to click either on F5, or Send/Receive button.

With the help of Outlook Express you can send and receive bulk mails conveniently. It involves simple configuration procedures and consumes minimum amount of time.

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4 thoughts on “Rediffmail Configuration in Microsoft Outlook Express”

  1. I know only about Gmail and i also update how to attach gmail but you are too fast. Nice tutorial. Thanks Amit.

  2. I know only about Gmail and i also update how to attach gmail but you are too fast. Nice tutorial. Thanks Amit.

  3. This Rediffmail settings is only for ‘rediffmail pro’ version. would you help to setup basic/free rediffmail on outlook….


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