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Jing-Awesome ScreenCapture And ScreenCasts Tool

If you have wondered a free tool which takes instant Screenshots and Screen-casts then Jing is absolutely perfectly for you. It is an awesome tool provided for free by Tech Smith,to take a picture or make a short video from your desktop.

Jing awesome screenshot and screencast tool


The most important part is that it is available for free and your captured screenshot and screen-cast is directly uploaded to from which you can easily share your screenshot with your friend and in Social networking site.

Screencast gives you 2 GB of storage and 2 GB monthly bandwidth for free. You can Control the rights to your own content and decide who views your content.

Download Jing for your Computer from here and install it. Then you will get notification “Welcome to Jing”.






Click “Sign Up” to register and make free account in Screencast.


JIng create account



Now you can Login with you login credential to use Jing and upload it to .


Jing login



After installation and setup of Jing you can see a small icon at top of your screen.From there you can take screenshots instantly or you can also use notification area to capture screenshot.

The video created by Jing is in the form of swf file and can embedded easily after uploading it to Here is a video tutorial from Techsmith to get embed code for your website.

  1. Robin says

    Pretty interesting. :) will check this screencast tool.. if it works well then no doubt i will bookmark this one.



    1. Ankit Kumar says

      Yes it is good screen capturing tool and you will get 2 gb free space and bandwidth.

  2. Ashik Nesin says

    It seems to be a good tool for someone like me. Gonna check this out now. Thanks for sharing :)

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