Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic with Google(Organic Traffic)

Search engine traffic is the best traffic source when it comes to getting people to visit and read what you are sharing on your blog as a blogger. If you have better organic search traffic from Google, it worth more than any other traffic sources even social media. The reason I said that is because search engine traffic are targeted visitors to your website and traffic like that can stay longer on your Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic with Googlewebsite than one or two random visitors from social networking, I didn’t mean that social sites like Facebook and Twitter doesn’t help bloggers get traffic but what I mean is that those traffic aren’t yours to stay.

As a blogger, you should focus more on the amount of traffic you are able to hold on your website – it mean you must be able to hold onto the traffic that comes from search engine once you have good information on your blog to share with them.

In this article are the useful tips to help you increase your website traffic by becoming more of a friend to search engines every day hassle-free, especially Google. The moment your blog is able to get more traffic from search engine, you will be able to decrease your bounce rate and you can then be able to make money from your blog on regular basis than blogging for nothing.

#1 Write Often To Make Google to Love Your Blog

One of the greatest qualities of a better writer is the ability to write quality articles on regular basis on his/her blog. You should be able to write good and interesting article for your blog at every time you have time to do so. Even, if you consider your blog as a passion, you can keep on writing quality contents on it daily to make it have fresh contents on regular basis for your readers.

Also, having fresh contents on your website everyday will make it easier for search engine crawler such as Google Bot to crawl your article and get it indexed in search engine for people who are searching for related information.

#2 Build Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

Target top blogs in your niche by writing for them on regular basis as this will help you increase your traffic and search engine position for better organic searches than wasting your time writing for smaller blogs. Though, writing guest posts for smaller blogs also have its benefits if you make proper use of it. You should know that backlinks from low ranked websites will only work for you in the later time but when you write for bigger blogs, you will be able to get better traffic during the time your article get published on such blogs.

The two techniques depend on how you want to optimize your blog for search engine. If you are targeting the future, you should consider smaller blogs and if you want faster results for now, you can go with bigger blogs.

But one thing you must know is that getting published on bigger blogs isn’t that easy unless you are ready to give it all it takes.

#3 Make your Blog Post SEO Friendly

When you are submitting new post for publication on your blog, you should make sure that you optimize your posts for better search benefits. You can optimize your post by using the right plugin such as WordPress SEO by Yoast if you are using a WordPress blog but, if you are on Blogger platform, you can get it done by filling in the tag option very well to make your post get better views on Google.


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    • Writing on a fix days of a week keeps your reader and search engines glued to your blog.

      I have been reading you on various blogs since last couple of months. Undoubtedly you are simply awesome. I would definitively like to read you on my blog as well.

  1. Every blog owner or site owner wants to get a great amount of organic traffic and to achieve this start your strategy from the day you launch your blog or site. You Just need to do proper SEO and Here are the tips which you must opt to get huge organic traffic(traffic from search engines)

  2. Now you are having a number of important keywords with you. Now what you need to do is the proper distribution of your keywords.
    There are three places in the code you should put those keywords wisely and that are Title, Meta description andMeta keywords. However, recent studies says that Google doesn’t give much priority to meta keywords but there are other search engines which still consider these tags.
    The next thing you should do is to categories keywords according priority as the most important keywords and less important keywords. Now, Place the most important keywords in tags. Remember you must not stuff the keywords in title. Just insert keywords wisely in way that it doesn’t seem to be keyword stuffed. After that write a description for your site(for now I am talking about the home page of site) and Place here as :-

  3. Amazing tips Mate .


    Lots of them.

    I have noticed that we get some incredible traffic for series of blog posts and the posts which answer really specific questions. I know this wasn’t about content planning but honesty believe that making a schedule and focusing in on a topic of the month is a great way to break budding bloggers into the habit of posting regularly with focussed material

  4.  Thank you so much for making me and my blog for getting Organic traffic .. These tips are really helping for fine tune my ideas …keep posting   …



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