What is a Virtual Credit Card(VCC) and How to Get it.

Now a days Internet and online shopping become an integral part of everyone’s life, but everyone is not comfortable with online shopping due to fear of online fraud especially Indians.

Virtual credit card(vcc)
Virtual credit card(vcc)

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Online transactions and payments are very important for a freelancer or blogger as their life depends on them.Here are solutions for safe online shopping,you can use Virtual Credit Card instead of traditional credit card.Virtual credit card(VCC) can be generated for free or bought for few bucks.

What are Virtual Credit Card(VCC)?

A Virtual Credit Card or VCC is a disposable credit card from which shopping can be done  only once.It expire within one or two months. It does not have any plastic existence and the expiry date and the CVV number are visible online.

Key benefits of  Virtual Credit Card.

By using VCC,we can shop without revealing our original Credit card number.Virtual credit card can be used only once with limited amount.It ensures a completely safe and secure online shopping experience.

How to get or generate Virtual Credit Card from Indian bank?

Virtual credit card can be generated for free by banks which provide VCC or can be bought by spending some bucks.

Indian Banks which provide VCC.

Currently only HDFC,Kotak and ICICI banks offer Vcc.

Procedure to get Vcc from HDFC NetSafe

  • Step 1 : One time Registration for HDFC netsafe
  • Step 2 : Provide details of your HDFC Visa  Credit/debit card.
  • Step 3 :Enter your personal details and desired user id and create your account.
  • Step 4 :Login with your user id and password.
  • Step 5 :Select your card according to your need and select limitations.
  • Your card is now ready for one time use.


Procedure to get VCC from Kotak

  • Step 1 :Logon on to Kotak Net Banking, select “netc@rd” tab and click on “Generate Card”. Select the account and enter the amount (in rupees) to generate the card.


  • Download and install the “Kotak netc@rd – QuickPay” application on your computer. Login on the “QuickPay” application screen and enter the amount (in Rupees) to generate the card. “QuickPay” application enables creation of Kotak netc@rd without logging on to Net Banking.


For ICICI bank user visit this FAQ section regarding Virtual Credit Card.

Note:If you don’t have account in these banks then you can’t create or generate VCC.

Please share your views on how you shop online after restriction for PayPal users in India. Share this post if you like it so that every one can get benefit from VCC.


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  1. Hi , i have a state bank of india debit card – visa . Can i use that for verifying my paypal ?

    • Yes you can use it to verify but Paypal don’t accept certain debit cards.As i don’t have Sbi credit card I’m not quite sure that it will accept.But you can try.I will write soon how to verify PayPal account so keep visiting.

  2. Hey Ankit, is the HDFC VC available for all debit card holders? Or is a salary account or something else required?

  3. how to get virtual credit card for free? cause i need it…thx

  4. i need a vcc to buy with my liberty reserve but all those sites i see on the internet are thieves can you please give me the right site to buy from ?

  5. hy all,
    i am from pakistan .
    and i am searching for vcc for verification of pp.
    anybody tell me how can i get my own vcc in pakistan.
    because entro pay not accepted pakistan registration.

    i shall be very thankful to you for this kindness.

  6. I honestly tried auction essistance for vccs to help verify my paypal account.

    To me, it is safer for me to link it then to link my own credit card since i have heard many theft issues and potential vulnerabilities when it comes to paypal.


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