How To Skip Ads On YouTube

Nowadays, we are forced to suffer from the inconvenience of watching unwanted video ads on You Tube site when we wish to watch a particular video and this often irritates us. Viewers dislike this wastage of time and they get really discontented having to literally go through the video ads when they do not wish to do so.

block youtube ads
block youtube ads

Some videos offer a choice of rejecting or omitting the video ads once a part of it, usually about 5 seconds, has been played. However, there are certain videos which do not have this choice to skip the ads, causing dissatisfaction to the users, sometimes leading them to get eventually fed up of watching videos on You Tube. This is not appreciative.

I am now going to enlist 5 ways to skip the undesirable ads on You Tube so that the viewer can watch the video unhindered, not led by any ads. These ways will not only do away with your harassment but also will improve your video watching experience positively. So ads on You Tube can be avoided in following ways :

Ways to Skip the Ads on YouTube

Pressing F5 saves from the trouble

Video ads can also be avoided by pressing the F5 button. When the F5 key is pressed, the You Tube page showing the video is reloaded. This time, to the relief of the viewer, the video ad is automatically skipped, that is, it is not shown anymore and the desired video starts directly. It is, thus, by far the easiest way to solve the problem.

Option of Hiding the ads, provided by Google Chrome

Google Chrome has You Tube options to hide the video ads. In addition, the elucidations can also be hidden. This also helps in kicking off the trouble of undesirable video ads on You Tube. Thus hiding also proves fruitful in saving the users from the irritation of being forced to watch unwanted ads.

Best way is “Skip Ads on You Tube” option

Google Chrome has provided an extension named as “Skip ads on YouTube – No illegal block” on You Tube as a simple way out to help the viewers skip the video ads. This is available for free in Google Chrome’s designated web store from where it can be downloaded and installed.

On downloading this facility, a blue button is provided on the You Tube video panel. Viewers just have to click on this blue button when they want to skip the ad before watching their desired video. One problem with this solution is that this works only for You Tube site and not with any other website hoisted by a third-party. Still, this solution remains to be the best to handle this irritating problem.

TubeStop offered by Mozilla Firefox is another way out

Mozilla Firefox provides an extension called “TubeStop” with the help of which the video ads on You Tube can be blocked. TubeStop does not allow the videos to play automatically. This ensures that the user does not have to watch the video ads against his wish. TubeStop is thus a good way avoiding this problem.

YouTube AdsFree

Youtube AdsFree is a Opera Add-ons which help you to block ads on YouTube videos. Optionally it can remove branded banner under the video (like one on VEVO channels).

The above-mentioned methods can prove fruitful in sparing the viewers from the headache of watching video ads on YouTube. YouTube, in modern days, is the site of greatest preference by the people worldwide. We cannot allow the ads to come between the videos on YouTube and the viewers as YouTube helps us in almost all spheres of life. Thus, now, viewers can freely watch the YouTube videos by utilizing the above-mentioned techniques to do away with the tiresome video ads.

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