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Unveiling The Top Features Of Windows 8

Microsoft lunches its new Windows 8 which comes with a long list of advanced and latest features. It is a versatile operating system that caters all the rising and modern demands of the users. Here, we are discussing about some best and unique features of the Microsoft Windows 8.

Top Features of Windows 8

Compatibility with traditional desktop, modern tablets and more

Compatibility windows 8

Newly launched Windows 8 is fully loaded with a number of exciting and useful features. One of the most important features which are unique in the Windows 8 is its compatibility. It is a smart OS that is designed and developed to fulfill all the modern expectations of the users. This operating system can be installed with ease in any of your system including desktop, laptop or tablet. You can use it with your Smartphone as well as it can work well with ARM based processors. It is also familiar with the mouse and keyword regardless the use of other devices. Window 8 supports all the devices and programs of Windows 7 supports without compromise on the speed.

Striking Metro interface

Windows 8 interface
Windows 8 Metro interface
(Image source:Windowstreamblog)

The most remarkable feature of the Windows 8 is its stylish and smart interface. It comes with an exclusive metro style interface that assists the users to get a familiar view with few steps. It displays information necessary to you with proper control. This operating system is developed with effective touch technologies which make it compatible with the tablets. Featured with touch interface it works well with your, iPad, tablets and Smartphone.

Seamless and speedy response

windows 8 powered by arm chipset
windows 8 powered by arm chipset

This adaptable Windows 8 offers an unmatched and fast speed for processing that makes it one step ahead among others. It gives immediate response without any delay with fast loading time. Featured with remarkable Metro view it gives great navigation especially when used with the tablets. It also supports the USB 3.0 and Hyper- V.  You will experience quick and fluid touch-browsing with this OS. Window 8 supports ARM-based chipsets that is why is works well with short screen as well as with HD screen of your tablets. These days, tablets and laptops are developed with latest techniques therefore they run the whole day with one charge. The support of chip (SoC) enables the OS to offer a comprehensive standby and low-power status. It is also featured with smart Task Manager and Windows Explorer.

Welcome the Windows App Store

Windows 8 App Store
Windows 8 App Store

Windows 8 is preloaded with the Windows App Store that opens new developer opportunities for you. It allows the developers to sell their apps all over the world. The windows will assist you to improve your skills as you can use any programming language with this OS according to your preference. This OS will give an incredible gaming experience to you as well.  The users can develop new interesting full screen games with this OS.

Featured with Metro interface, Touch screen support, great compatibility and fast speed, Windows 8 is really great. It is an advanced offering from Microsoft that caters maximum needs of the modern users.

Summary:Windows 8 is smart operating system which is highly preferred by thousands of users because of its latest functions. You can try it for amazing experience.

For detailed product and feature information, download the Windows 8 Release Preview Guide.

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