Add Payment Button Easily on your Site with Jotform

Payment tools in jotform

Wanted to add Payment solution for your website ,or wanted to collect Donation by your website user, then here is a free site called Jotform which will integrate buttons easily.

You don’t need to have any knowledge of coding, just drag and drop. PayPal and other services like PayPal allows you to collect payments from your web sites but they don’t provide any integrated payment forms, where you can ask any kind of questions to the buyer. By using Jotform you can customize your payment buttons according to your need.

Quick Tips:How To Enable Hotlink protection for your Website

Hotlink protection

Ever wonder why your site bandwidth is so high or how your site bandwidth is being stolen.It is because of Image Hot-linking.

Hot-Linking is a term used for Bandwidth theft. It is a process through which an Image or Video is linked directly form a website by using tag. This way the person who uses a link to the picture saves his/her storage and Bandwidth by stealing other bandwidth and money. An example of Hotlinking an image from other’s website.

How To Install and Configure Robots Meta Plugin

Which search engine supports which robots meta tag values

Tag is a Special tag which tell robots not to index any web page, and/or not to follow it.It is a method to tell search engine which is to be indexed,followed or no-index,no-follow any web page of your site.
Other meta tags are noarchive,nocache,nosnippet,noodp,noydir ,which have different function to do.Using meta tags in all pages is a lengthy and difficult task.However if you use WordPress as Cms then there is plugin called Robots Meta developed by Yoast which do the work for you.