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Gmail introduces two improvements to contact groups

Gmail introduces two improvements to contact groups to save your time when you’re writing messages to multiple people at once. For example, if you create a “Family” group, instead of addressing an email to your mom, dad, sister and brother, you can just start typing “Family” and Gmail will complete the rest.

1.  First change

Let’s say you have a list of coworkers you think you’ll want to contact again in the future. Now, you can paste that list into the Add to group menu when viewing your “Coworkers” group to populate or extend it.


2.  Second change

Second, they’ve added the ability to specify which one of your contact’s email addresses you want to use in a given group. So, for example, you can now use your friend’s personal address in your “Poker Buddies” group and that same friend’s work address in your “Coworkers” group.



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    1. Ankit Kumar says

      I’m happy that you liked it.Thanks and visit regularly for more cool stuff.

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