“Preview Pane”, a new Feature in Gmail Labs

Gmail has introduced a new Gmail lab feature called as Preview Pane from which you can preview your messages before reading it full. On activating Preview Pane feature you can switch to preview from default list views. This feature may be familiar to you if use Gmail via mobile app or your tablet pc.

Preview pane new feature in gmail lab

What is the benefit of Preview pane?

You can quickly preview your messages though Preview Pane like you may also read in Microsoft outlook. You have option to switch to either Vertical Preview pane or horizontal preview pane just like yahoo mails, by selecting vertical or horizontal split from drop down menu present over to top right.

How to Activate Preview Pane in Gmail?

To  activate Preview pane go to Gmail setting and click “Labs” now scroll down to “Preview Pane”  and enable it and hit save changes present at the bottom.

Previw pane by google labs


After enabling it you can see a drop down menu at top right from which you can switch to list views or Previews.Vertical or horizontal pane in gmail

How to change Delay time in making conservation as read?

By default delay time in making conservation is of 3 seconds but you can change it in Gmail general setting. Go to mail setting > General >Preview pane and change delay time.


change delay time in gamil fro previw pane


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