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Show related post with Google Related Links.

For every webmaster or Blogger Site bounce rate and page views are very important as they are crucial factor for a successful website.

Google Related Post is a tool by Google which help webmasters increase page views on their sites by adding relevant Related Post.

Update: Google related Links is now closed and can’t be used.

Related links by google<image from Qot>

Related Links can choose the most related pages from your site and show them in a gadget. You can embed this gadget in your page to help your users reach other pages easily and thus increase page views.

Related Links also suggests searches that users can run within your site to find even more related pages.Related Links also suggests searches

But unfortunately only invited users can use Google related Links.However you send them an Email to stating your Gmail address, website domains and approximate page views per day to get an invitation.

Update: Google related Links is now closed and can’t be used.

You can also use other option for adding related post,for example YARRP, LinkWithin etc.

  1. Rajesh says

    Nice tips, thanks :)

  2. ashish says

    It is a plugin ryt..??

    1. Ankit Kumar says

      No, it is not a plugin.It is a service from Google.

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