Raptr:-The Ultimate Gaming App

If you play games, and you are passionate about games then you’ll love Raptr ! The Ultimate Gaming App.

Raptr is a social utility for gaming, made by people who love games. It allows you to connect with your gaming friends and see what the world is playing.

About Raptr Gaming App

Raptr is a service that makes it easier to play games and chat with friends. With Raptr you can:

  • See what your Xbox, PS3, Steam, and Xfire friends are playing
  • Chat in-game across popular IM and gaming services
  • Create a comprehensive gaming profile based on your games and achievements.
  • Update your all games installed in your computer.
  • Multi-Network IM for Gaming
  • See What Games Are Hot Right Now
Raptr the ultimate gaming app
Raptr the ultimate gaming app

You can also play games which is installed in your pc or download easily with Raptr. You an also see what your Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam friends are doing on our Desktop client or IPhone app, even if they’re not on Raptr. With the Raptr client, you will no longer need to have multiple IM clients like Facebook chats, Aim, Msn, Yahoo G- talk etc running to challenge or invite your friends to play a game with you.


Still not convinced? Check out video for more details.

Rapter gaming app is a must for games lover people.

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