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Dohack First Month Traffic Report.

Dohack is now more than a month old and here I’m publishing its first monthly traffic stats and report. Though I’m only sharing traffic reports for the month February as my blog was launched on 25th of January.

Site Traffic:

I’m quite satisfied with the traffic as the blog is new and a month old. I got 717 Visit and 1,481 Pageviews and 77.86% New Visits for the month of February. My site bounce rate is 58.02% which is quite good and on an average a user spend 03.49 min in my blog.

Traffic stats for

Map overlay:

83% of the site traffic is from India and around 4% traffic is from United States and the rest is from all over the world from total 32 Countries.

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Traffic Source:

My traffic from Google i.e. Organic source is only 7.39% which is quite low and I’m working on it.

Traffic sources for

Alexa Ranking:

According to latest report, 346,060 is Alexa Traffic Rank for Dohack.

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  1. Akanksha says

    Nice Work dude..

  2. Pankaj Gupta says

    Keep writing and soon you will start getting 500+ or more.. All the Best !

    1. Ankit Kumar says

      Thanks and welcome Pankaj on visiting.

  3. Deepanshu says

    how did u get adsense approval at such an early stage ? i havent applied for adsense as i m too scared of getting rejected :? i guess there is a blog/site has to be 6 month old for adsense approval…sadly mine is only 2.5 months old :?

  4. Sanjeev says

    You have good traffic. congrats

    1. Ankit Kumar says

      Thanks Sanjeev,visit regularly for more updates.

    2. Ankit Kumar says

      Thanks for dropping a comment and stay tuned for more updates.

  5. Ramkumar says

    Impressive stats for a beginning website. Good luck :)

    1. Ankit Kumar says

      Thanks for the comment and inspiration.

    2. Rajesh @Tips and Tricks says

      I agree with you! Such a nice blog :) Best of luck!

      1. Ankit Kumar says

        Thanks Rajesh for the compliment.

  6. Mahendra says

    Nice blog. Lot of good information for new bloggers. Thanks.

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