Yahoo Web Hosting for Photography: Is it a Good Idea?

At the present time, photographer would need something different from web hosting company; however there are some things that photographers must consider, like:

  • Bandwidth
  • Space
  • Price

Photo takes up space, thus number one thing that you need to look for would be the quantity of space the potential web host offers you. Then consider the bandwidth, photos are big so more bandwidth allowed to be used is better. Lastly, the price! Let us face this fact, all the things are equal, would you pay less?

The lens is design to assist you check numerous leads of web hosting provider and compared in a few important factors of photographer like your self. You do not have to look for the web for long hours just to look for right host in your new photo site. All the things are here. You only need to review the information, opt for the best look, hit the banner and start with your unleashing photography.

How much spaces you need in Yahoo?

The space that you need will depend on how many images you will be hosting in the site. If you’re professional photographer hosting hundred to thousands of pictures, you can go for the unlimited package. If you are an amateur or hosting another site, such as Flickr, Smugmug, etc., then smaller hosting package would be sufficient.

 How much bandwidth you need in Yahoo?

Bandwidth refers to the amount of information you transfer from and to the web host server. Each time that somebody loads the site, the web host company is sending packet of data from and to the server. More images you have and bigger they are more bandwidth you’re to use.

Thus, if you’re a professional that has lots of images, or amateur who would be getting vast traffic in the site, it would be better to go for package that offers you more room to develop and grow. And again, going in the package that offer unlimited bandwidth is often the safest that you can get. However, most of the average site wont worry in terms of the bandwidth that much.

 How much do you need to spend for hosting Photography site in Yahoo?

Yes, you are obliged to pay. Thankfully, there are lots of competition in the market for web hosting and most of it, everybody seem to spend somewhere between 50 dollars to 150 dollars per year for photography site hosting.

 Question now is would it be a good idea to choose Yahoo web hosting photography?

For me, I think it would be a good option since Yahoo design professionally to make your site attractive yet less fancy. You can also get free domain name with them. Yahoo also set up business email personally, which means you can have 1000 email addresses and limitless email storage, moreover you can also store much text and images as you like. And what is good about Yahoo web hosting is that you can get access 24 hour – 7 days a week for customer support. You can reach their hotline anytime of the day or night.

Other Best Alternative to Yahoo Web Hosting

If you are still not convinced then you can try HostGator or DreamHost, there are also good and reliable Web hosting providers.

Author Bio:
The article is written by Peter Daisyme who is the SEO consultant of the Dedicated Hosting company, Nethosting. He also blogs about Web Hosting at the Web Hosting Blog.

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  2. Hey Ankit, that’s a great idea. I will start a photography website and see what happens. :smile:


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