Dohack First Monday Morning Roundup

I was just reading a post on SML and read Importance of Round up for a blog and then decided to write first round up for Dohack.

By the way what the heck is Round Up ?

Roundup of post is nothing but the collection of best post into a single post. It can be done either weekly or monthly depending about number of articles you are writing.

Round up of post

It is a good way to expose and share your old post to new users.Roundup also help in search Engine Optimization as it helps in interlinking your post and helps in increasing number of page views.

So here is Our First Round Up.

Google Adsense

  1. 10 Ways to earn from Google AdSense .
  2. 7 Faqs Regarding Google AdSense that Every Publisher should know .

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

  1. Straight SEO Tips from Matt Cutts.
  2. SEO – 101 Sites To Get Quick Backlinks From High PR Sites.
  3. Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

Tips And Tricks

  1. Make your own Search Story video in minutes.
  2. 10 Website To Get SEO Analysis Report For Free.
  3. Create Your Site Easily in Simplest Form.
  4. Killer Tips on How to Stay Safe from Cyber Threat.
  5. Tips to move your site to new domain.
  6. How do I add a PayPal Donation button to my website?
  7. 21 killer ways to speed up your Computer.

Blogs OR Website

  1. How to start a website or a blog?
  2. 10 Facts about Blogs.
  3. Software used for top 20 blogs.

Tutorial And Guides

  1. What is a Virtual Credit Card(VCC) and How to Get it.
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Facebook part 1
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Facebook part 2
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Facebook part 3
  5. What is The Robots Exclusion Protocol?
  6. What is WordPress?

Please share with us what would you prefer Round up post weekly or Monthly Or yearly.Comment will be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Dohack First Monday Morning Roundup”

  1. I have seen in some blogs doing same things you told here but couldn’t got the point of them, why they do so. Today i got to know, Thanks!

    • Welcome Irfan to Dohack. I’m glad to know that my post is useful for you.Keep visiting for more updates.


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