Add Email Signature to Gmail or any Email client

If you want to add an HTML Email Signature to your Gmail or any other email client  then here I’m showing how to do that.  To add your Professorial looking Email Signature you have to download and install WiseStamp add-on or extension for chrome .You can download WiseStamp for both browsers Mozilla and Chrome .

email signature by wisestamp

An example of Email Signature.

After installing WiseStamp you can see an icon of appearing on right side top of your Gmail bar from which you can edit your HTML signature. Wise Stamp has many Email application like your recent tweet, your latest blog feeds, eBay products etc. You can also add your social profiles and Instant messenger icons. It also provide you some inbuilt Template to choose which include your name,contact info,Company logo, etc. [Visit wisestamp App Gallery ]

Wisstamp gmail signature addon

Now to create your HTML signature you have to set up your email apps and Social icons  and then you  have to click “apply” and “ok”.  To  insert your signature in Gmail simply click wisestamp icon and choose your signature you want to insert. You can create two kind of signature, one for personal and other for business use.

insert your html signature in gmail

You can also upgrade to pro version which have more extra features and functionality.

Below is the official video from Wisestamp:


Wise Stamp is for only Gmail but if you use  Wise Stamp from Firefox then you can add the signature to any email client.You have to just right-click in your browser and click on “Insert Signature” to add your signature. See screenshot below:

insert email signature on any email client


I hope it will work for you. Please share this post if you find it useful.

Speak Asia’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Tarak Bajpai arrested

After freeze of  Bank account of Singapore based company Speak Asia, Mumbai Police arrested Tarak Bajpai Chief Operating Officer (COO)  of around 2 Am.

speak asia logoTarak Bajpai was arrested from Indore and then taken to Mumbai. He was taken in custody for questioning regarding online survey Scam. Speak Asia charges Rs 11,000 or nearly $ 244 for annual membership and promise to get back it in less than 4-5 months by doing online surveys. It is obvious that Speak Asia online surveys is a Fraud or Scam but then also millions of people have invested in this fraud from all over world.

Earlier Cid had frozen their bank account after filling FIRs and PILs regarding multi-level online surveys fraud. Bajpai said that he was arrested for a small investigation and thus members of  Speak Asia has not to worry as management of the Company will support all members.

There is hold on all payment to all members till investigation gets completed. All bank account and money flow are being closely looked into.

See video below:

References: Timesofindia ,India Today and oneindia.

Top 10 Website’s TV Commercial Ads in India

website -tv-ads-india
Website's Tv Ads

Photo Credit: Tech Crunch

Google Chrome | Archana’s Kitchen

1)The Web is what you make of it !



4)Big Rock Nutraja TV commercial by – Simply Hilarious!

5)Big Rock Savitri Bai TV commercial by – Really Funny!

6)Big Rock Happy Recovery Agent TV commercial by – Hilarious!

Make my

7)Packages unlimited, Deals unlimited, Memories unlimited only at MakeMyTrip.

8 ), India’s no.1 Education portal “Stop following. Start Exploring”.

9)Amitabh Bachchan in action Justdial ads TVC fun commercial in vanity van shoot! Commercial
10)JUST YOUR STUFF – New campaign by

Activate Video Calling In Facebook Powered by Skype

To compete with Google’s new Social Networking Facebook  has launched Video Calling Facility powered by Skype.With this feature you can talk to your Facebook friends for free. If your friends is not available then you can leave video message or them.

How Facebook Video Calling  Works ?

Facebook video Calling is based on integration of Facebook and Skype and it works similar as normal Skype application. If both you and your friends have microphones and webcam then you can easily talk face to face with your friends. If you don’t have webcam then also you can at least do audio chat.You can also use chat and other feature while using Video Call.

How to Activate Facebook Video Calling ?

1) To activate this facility first Go to Facebook Video calling Page and then click on “Get started”.

Facebook Video Calling get started

2) After clicking Get Started you will able to see your online friends and it will ask you to select friend from whom you want to start video calling.

Select Friends in facebook for video call

3) After selecting your friend you can now click on Video call button in your Facebook chat   section.

Click Facbook video call button

4) Now Facebook will ask you to download a plugin to complete one time setup.

Set up video calling in Facebook

5) Now after clicking “Set Up” you have to download a plugin and install it on your computer.You will also get instruction to do that.

Set up video calling in Facebook, download software

6) Now you have to install Facebook Video plugin to start Video Calls.

Facebook video calling plugin

7) Once you have install Facebook Video Calling Plugin, you can see a do video and audio calling to any one of your friends by just clicking video call button present in your chat window bar.

calling friend in facebook through video call

Congratulations You have successfully activated Facebook Video Call and now you can Call to your Friends and do Live Video chat.

Facebook Video Calling Live

Here is an Official Video By Facebook on Facebook Video Calling Powered By Skype.

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Improve your AdSense Earning by Simple Tips and Tweaks

Here are Some Simple but effective Tips and Tweaks which can improve your AdSense earning.increase adsense earning

#1 Using Google DFP

Google DFP (Double Click For Publisher) is a free comprehensive ad server from Google through which you can sell your ad space available on your website. Using DFP you can serve your own ads or promotions to promote your own content or services. But the main benefit is that you can maximize your earnings by integrating DFP with AdSense.

You can also set a rule to serve Google ads only if CPM is higher than what you have chosen. If the CPM is less, then it will show in-house ads instead of Google ads. Now to show Google ads in your site, Google has to compete with an external ads which leads to higher revenue . Refer this tutorial How To Setup Google DFP to use DFP in your site.

#2 A/B Split Testing

If you are not sure that which Ad format will perform better for your site, then you can do A/b split Testing suggested by AdSense Team. By A/B split testing you can rotate two ad units of different formats, showing each 50% of the time. In this way you can decide which ad unit is better performing for you.

For A/B Split Testing first you have to make two custom Channels, one for each ad unit.

Now place your ads codes between this Java Script.

<script type=”text/javascript”>
 var random_number = Math.random();
 if (random_number < .5){
 //your first ad unit code goes here
 } else {
 //your second ad unit code goes here
 <script type=”text/javascript”src=””></script>

Here you have to replace “//your first ad unit code goes here” with your ad code.

#3 Make Use of Channels

You can create custom channels for tracking your each and individual ad performance in your site and thus provide deeper level of analysis. Thus you can evaluate which ad unit or even site perform better and which locations will enable you to realize your maximum earning potential.

More on Custom AdSense Channels.

#4 Use Targetable Ads

AdWords Advertiser can advertise on your website by two ways.  First way is through contextual ads i.e. ads which are based on content of your website and second way is by Placement ads that you create through custom channels.

AdWords premium advertisers can target your website if you use targetable custom channels. As Premium advertiser pay more to Google that means you will earn more per click as  AdSense publishers.
Here is a great video by Lisa

#5 Make use of Section targeting.

By using Section Targeting you can suggest your main Keywords or content to Google, so they can show more relevant ads in your site. By doing so you are emphasizing your main content and instructing Google to leave rest of your website section like comment and sidebar etc for serving better contextual ads.

To use Section Targeting add following codes before your main content.

<!– google_ad_section_start –>

Then add following code after end of your main content

<!– google_ad_section_end –>

Read more…

#6  Competitive Ad Filter

You can filter competitive ads by blocking  low paying ads to earn more revenue from AdSense.  Although it is highly targeted to your content but there are chance of showing  low performing ads.

Learn more..

#7 Implement AdSense for Search

It is recommended that you use AdSense for search as it has two benefits. First your users don’t have to leave your site for search and second you can also earn from it.

#8 Make Blending Ads

There are more chances of clicking ads on your site if you have blending ads. So to create blending ads you can make background color of your ad same as your website’s background color. When you blend your ads with your site then user will think it is a part of your website and not an ad. In this way your CTR increases and also your website also looks good if it shows blending ads.

If you opting to show Links ads on your website then better make background color same as you navigation menu so as to increase CTR.

#9 Size Matters

If you want to earn more from AdSense then display big banners. Best recommended ad sizes are 336×280, 300×280, 160×600,728×90. Don’t shy to show your ads and always display ads near the top of your pages.

#10 High Paying Niches

Niche is also responsible of your earning from AdSense. If you have website of low paying Niche, then your earning will be also low. So do some research before writing and write content which belongs to highest paying niches. I suggest to use free Google Keyword tool for research.

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