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Steps for Troubleshooting a Printer

Unfortunately, sometimes issues arise which cause problems with connection between these two devices. Below is a list a steps to follow when troubleshooting your printer. Continue reading

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Get Targeted Facebook Page Likes or Twitter Followers with Twiends

To Boost your online presence, Facebook and Twitter both plays an important role and thus we should use them efficiently. Continue reading

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Add Payment Button Easily on your Site with Jotform

Wanted to add Payment solution for your website ,or wanted to collect Donation by your website user, then here is a free site called Jotform which will integrate buttons easily.

You don’t need to have any knowledge of coding, just drag and drop. PayPal and other services like PayPal allows you to collect payments from your web sites but they don’t provide any integrated payment forms, where you can ask any kind of questions to the buyer. By using Jotform you can customize your payment buttons according to your need. Continue reading

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Quick Tips:How To Enable Hotlink protection for your Website

Ever wonder why your site bandwidth is so high or how your site bandwidth is being stolen.It is because of Image Hot-linking.

Hot-Linking is a term used for Bandwidth theft. It is a process through which an Image or Video is linked directly form a website by using tag. This way the person who uses a link to the picture saves his/her storage and Bandwidth by stealing other bandwidth and money. An example of Hotlinking an image from other’s website. Continue reading

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What is Gravatar Hovercards and How to Add to your blog?

Hovercards enhance plain Gravatar images with information about a person: name, bio, pictures, their contact info, and other services.

Earlier this services is provide by only in users but it is now officially available for self hosted WordPress blog,through Jet Pack Plugin. Continue reading

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Customize Your Website with Hacks and Tweaks

Website Design and Layout is very important factor for success of website. Most user would prefer nice decent looking website rather than ugly unprofessional layout. Good Theme or Template also need some good customization by doing some Hacks And Tweaks to look Professional. Continue reading

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Quick Tips : How To Setup a Rocking Website?

So you want to create a Rocking Website.All webmaster and blogger have dreamed to create a popular and rocking site.It’s not tough but it needs hard work and Patience.Lots of blogger quits in the beginning as they didn’t show patience.They didn’t realize that success is just one step in front of them. Continue reading

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Show related post with Google Related Links.

For every webmaster or Blogger Site bounce rate and page views are very important as they are crucial factor for a successful website.Google Related Post is a tool by Google which help webmasters increase page views on their sites by adding relevant Related Post.
Related Links can choose the most related pages from your site and show them in a gadget. Continue reading

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Create Your Site Easily in Simplest Form

If you are not a Tech-Savvy or don’t know much about coding then there is an amazing site through which you can create a website in simplest form.You just need to write your content as you do in any text editor like notepad WYSIWYG editor.They use a formatting system called Markdown.You can use following formating help to get your desired formatting. Continue reading

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Straight SEO Tips from Matt Cutts.

Straight SEO Tips from Matt Cutts at WordCamp San Francisco 2009.Matt explains What You Need to Know about blogging and SEO and Google ranking.
If you blog and use wordpress then here are some simple and great tips from Matt Cutts to improve your ranking in Google. Continue reading

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